That’s a lot of content here by many senders.

All in one day – for some or even for most when collecting all content from every email that most people have (2 or more of). 

Can your content be seriously found here on a daily basis?

Alexa and Analytics Google will send you screaming and crying with their $$$ to be seen.  Get PR – be there in the first 2 or even 3 pages. Parking spot for a certain amount of time.

Now read this.

Bloggers and Website Owners

Why do you need to collect emails?

There are an endless amount of blogs and websites online…. if you don’t collect email addresses someone could visit your site once, love it but totally forget about it and never return 🙁

That is because when collecting emails the following is not done. Joining the email to other social media platforms.

I question here the logic in bombarding the emails with every post and article, products and novelties with all those promotions and sales. I truly seriously question it. Why do we have a subscribe to an unsubscribe when we have so many social media platforms.

What would be more logical is to either gather all the social platforms this email commands or incorporate one at the time using another method.

Ideally, the email should be with Twitter or Facebook or Instagram or Pinterest whichever is most regularly used by the email contact.

In the next post, I shall write on how to collect the email and at least one most used by your contact. Bombarding the email is like saying that you are the only one that needs prompt attention then you send one or two emails a day lost since it is immediately deleted or sent to a file to autotask delete after 10 days. Take action is what the next post is all about.

It came to my grand surprise that G+ was calling it quits according to the message received on the radio by some tech guy. Why? Some hacking. So I asked Google “are those serious grounds to call it quits. Everyone gets hacked. You ask for phone numbers. We have info on the internet since that famous quote “let’s go paperless for the Earth’s Sake” do not pay a $2.00 fee per month to have it mailed and this was started by banks and Rogers and Bell and AT&T etc… Since we do not go paperless why pay online?

Product + Method of payment: list the product(s) – total: $ cash paypal.

Question: From which account? Savings, Chequing, credit or line of credit is the same.


Name of Bank – even Paypal knows it.

Delivery will be made the address mentioned in the account.

For change of address – call bank for authorisation. Give out Code xxx

So I ask every reader here – how can hackers get all this information?

They can get the only information allowed by websites, banks, blogs, emails etc… what a user puts in – the hacker gets. I want out of this system. Make up your mind. Are we going paperless or not? Yes, treehuggers you are so fu.g disgusting. Hypocrites.

Bill Gates busy with vaccines and now with speculation.

SamSung cannot wait for you the consumer to get his latest pen-camera-mobile.  $1200 +

And both cannot give you this commodity that when hackers come in – the only information is all your passwords leading to products you buy online and how you pay which is the Name of the Bank and which account. Most banks either have MasterCard OR Visa – Bank of Montreal – MasterCard. Get hacked. the download goes to your email attached to your bank. Do not open it. If not bought from the user – return to bank. If the bank receives it – there are 2 ways of dealing with this. Confirm its yours or Confirm its not yours and its up to the bank to trace the sender. He has it. There is no way the user can food the bank now. You changed your mind?

When you change your mind it is because, numero uno… the bank sent you the list of purchases. Confirm it. Or send it back with corrections. Let the BANK deal with it.

The Bank can deal with it and so can PayPal or PayPal wanna beez. They can trace it faster. The worst that it can be is the same as unused products – returned. Not billed. Some will play jokes and my kids did it to me 2. Called pizza. Porn Sites supplied by Bell since its legal to operate today. A woman answered the call when I decided to find out what is going on?

Can we really trust these companies ?

I cannot.

Can we really trust the BANKS?

We should. We have a hard time, especially after readers read this article.

Should an account need to be investigated – look how fast it will become.

Going paperless all the way. Fast Analysis that is legal or illegal activities. No matter how you cut it when someone said going paperless will save me money – I never imagined it was just WORDS not tree huggers.

Google it. When did the Paperless Movement START?

So why are banking activity information being so easily obtained and hacked.

I am going to take CLASS A action on these banks and paypals. Clickbanks included. All of them. I SHALL WIN.