2019 Metarmophose by CEO of IBM

Eating through Emotions

Most people will gain weight! Poverty alert to our brain.

What if there is no more is translated into I just have to eat this, that and this other one.

Into, just right now, today, tomorrow – what if I don’t get to eat before a certain time tomorrow afternoon is already been taken care for today, at the present moment. Thus turning into a mental condition.

What’s wrong in these circumstances? Only this, you got to see what is around and what is causing these signals getting stronger that you just have that urge to continue.

I got some very good news. Don’t resist – keep a journal of:

Emotional Journal – be as descriptive as possible

  1. Salt
  2. Sugar
  3. Textures
  4. Where am I?
  5. What am I doing?
  6. What time is it? 
  7. Alone?
  8. Describe the other feelings, tired? Refreshed? 
  9. Be Honest. There is a cure out there.
  10. Repeat this exercise – every 6 months for a 1-week duration.

USA  ThanksGiving  2018

Turkey Jokes Galore – All in Good Taste and Spirit 

Turkeys stuffed to the throat, bottoms up.

I like being from North America, we can laugh while others are hungry.

We can laugh when our own are hungry.

God made sure that everyone gets to forget their bad times by supplying us with tears when we are so tired, we laugh or we cry and then, we forget slowly what it was all about. Only to repeat along the way another day.

And , I say, may we never live the famine and the destruction worldwide cause by USA.

May Canada return to its earlier ways, meek and the goofy’ s of the world.

We have everything we need. NAFTA and AFTA belong to USA.

Enjoy your celebrations today, November 22, 2018



  • IBM thinks exactly like a real woman of Today.
  • Where are the best deals to be had?
  • Why is everyone wearing these clothes?
  • How trendy are these gadgets for the kitchen?
  • Where can I get a car just for groceries and kids transport?
  • Find out with Responsive Accordion Social Media Platforms + Link Connections

From used to nearly new and new, IBM, is a woman – she loves to be trendy, fashionable and get the most from $1. Always stretching it to the max unable to search for her products with that added information.

Blogger has a gadget for Wikipedia. IBM said, that is possibly very interesting for certain searches. Yet, to stay stuck on my blogs, posts to start my research for analysis and studies may even disrupt entries from visitors. Finding it sometimes under construction or with that famous error numbers 403 – which has a multitude of justification for just appearing.

When I enter a website, I really would like to know if people from my country, province, state and even in my city and vicinities are following this brand, website.

IBM will make it happen. All the reasons in the world will always be added to this convenient landing formula, Spreadsheets within Spreadsheets of information regarding the said Brand, Website. All the users of this Remarkable Informative Spreadsheets have to do is to allow automatic entries – Names Location (all) Information of Nane Products Links Location

As they come in. Cannot be erased. Security Measures will not permit it. What it will allow is to disable the entries – therefore, the readers or visitors of their website will not get to see who follows and the links to click on for product instructions since maybe there are none.

When followers leave the websites and brands they automatically land on another spreadsheet with maybe some justification. Why are you unfollowing? It’s up to the Brand to ask, not IBM. Spreadsheets are for information basis only not anything else. Any brand can buy certain spreadsheets from any other brand but will not be able to buy them all, unless the price is in those offers that cannot be refused.

Whatever this Brand, Website wants his followers to know will be there and for more information, the contact is also seen at the bottom of the search, scroll for information, hover windows for Social Media Platforms and other information needed such as: Video Instruction on a said featured product.

It must be pricy, IBM did not comment. “Spreadsheets are in. Pulling out tabs after tabs is leaving the searching market. Fast pace is returning as more and more people are relying on “online” markets. I believe that when a product is good or new; I may not be always tuned in as to how many people did buy it and continue buying from the said Brand, Websites. I would like to know before I buy.”

For me, it’s a good starting basis. Why should I buy this one knowing that I am looking for something with a solid stronger performance and the price is a little too high for me. Where should I look for the sales or budget minded. When I did find it thanks to Black & Decker who has a window for comparable products – I saw the features. I preferred paying a little more for my Black & Decker. Therefore I purchased sensibly. Price + Time instead of price and no time.

Today, the weekend starts and there is so much to write. Making cookies is my forte now. I will have to show you my cookies. Addictive.

I sold the recipe. Stephen King. Rumours are someone stole his notes, handwritten notes. It appears to be that Tabitha left him for a long while. He called her up for recipes he immediately jolted down. Well, they were stolen, all of his notes. I hope he won’t lose my recipes. For sale on Amazon.