Holiday Cookies – Exquisite Lindt-Christie Best Ever


Holiday Magic Cookies & Tea

Pre-Heat while arranging 10 cookies on a tray for the oven. 200° F

Use parchment paper for the oven for lining.

Add a few pre-cut almonds on each cookie

Add cranberries on each cookie

Cover with 1 square per cookie

That’s it.

Put in middle rack of oven.

Set timer 10 minutes.

Remove after 10 minutes and let it cool. The chocolate will remain soft but not runny. 

The whole experience of a crunchy Christie Digestive Chocolate Coated with Lindt Almonds Cranberries.

Enjoy it – so easy and so delish.

I tried WHITE Chocolate from Lindt, that is another experience in itself. 

Bon Appétit.