A World of Space Short Story

Living a life is demanding says the older woman and the older man. It is really up to me to look around to find what will make me happy at least I will try for a few minutes. I want to look around to find what will make me happy for an hour.

I am not just depressed; I am just not in the mood. I want to read about mySELF. The Year 2019 is the beginning – Make it Spring 2019. Today, I will smile because the sunshine and the warmth on my face made me feel happy. I closed my eyes and I smiled.

When I worry; I never make it a point to write it down. Today, I wrote my first letter to mySELF. I am broke.  SELF replies:  Are you worried over your job? I replied: I do not have a job. SELF replies: You will find one.  I reply: When?  SELF: Start today and here is how. Someone replied: I do have a job; I just can’t settle my debts. SELF replies: That is not so bad. I will show you how quickly.

When it comes to any change a person wants to make, the rule of the thumb is starting with a doctor follow-ups and should you go without a blood test – how many are enough?

Being smart is not every day easy; it is every day trying. In this book, how life can be cruel and how life can be lived at times with tolerance and happiness. Happiness can be had every single day by starting with a smile. It’s a lifetime exercise. The second step is to start increasing your levels of curiosity. I want to find out. I want to know. I want to deal with it. Just like doing your laundry – sort out the clothes, by fabrics and by colours from the black and the whites.

The prayer of Serenity is in the book – when it seems impossible – know that this prayer was created for everyone but not everyone uses it… you will. You are a smart cookie.  I want you to thinking – Today.

When I look around; I need to see mySELF. No matter what I do; I will write some of it down. I need to remember why I smile. Why I take photos. Why I cook and why I want to look happy.  Smile. Get to know yourself but above all, accept what you cannot change.

The news couldn’t get any sadder

First I was denied the courtesy of visiting her.

Then I was even denied the courtesy of writing her at least one letter.

The excuse was: she doesn’t even know who you are.

I cannot forgive and forget people think for me and make decisions in my place and in my name.

Let me know if you need anything I can send you.

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Jan 25, 2017

Overheard at Bishop Bar: Bartender tells Drunk woman: CIA is not up to par here – when there is an important communiqué this woman gets blocked delays their work – where to lay the blame later then will it change the outcome?  ISIL is working hard at demonstration that they had enough of US activity on their land. Scientology is working hard at blocking this woman from telling ISIL to find another leader. The two that they had before were mostly known to accomplish more than complain and ask for ransom money. Ask King Hussain for information. He is the King and he should be able to serve you best. He is interested. No talks. Just tell him what you are looking for. It is high time the King gets involved publicly. It is high time that you stop behaving like Muammar Qaddafi who wants to control his people then does nothing about jobs, health medicine and food be more like Egypt the Queen Cleopatra and King Tut. They took prisoners and built a nation. They wanted to know how to pass the portals of longevity – they opened up pyramids to let the ghosts of martyrs out. It brought a plague. You got the virus of the Nile. It works differently on you. It works deadly for us. You are an Arab. We are not. Speak to a king. See what he can do for you. I ask King Hussain to start looking at some land for Palestine. Israel has lived for thousands of years with nagging Palestinians looking for a settlement. Find a place for them and for ISIL. If this is seen as impossible. The High Priestess will do it. Many will suffer the consequences. Get funded and find a way to kill everyone. Might as well, let USA know how much you want them out of any Arab countries like Mr. Trump wants everyone out. Ask the American Gringo with money to open up a business and you run it. Incapable? Of course. You fight all the time and nothing gets done. You shall suffer the plagues of Egypt. They let people open up their pyramids. You let US open up a baggage of revenge. Tell your government that you will dethrone them. Here is your chance. Keep Syriah. Kick everyone out. Stay there and build your nation called ISIL the Great. There are some guerrillas in USA that will have the opportunity to have their land. They will govern. The people who suffer (nothing comparable as you, let me assure you) will live with these American Guerillas. They suffer from discrimination, prejudice, racists after them. Women can’t get a raise or a promotion. Women can not get the right of say. Many companies close here in America but that’s not important – its people who rule here in America. Act accordingly. Live in Syriah and call out to all people who believe like you do to live in peace and tranquility without conforming to anything rules and regulations with Americans figuring in it. Good Luck.

Bartender; It should be good now in Syriah. They could make a nice government and maybe compare it to the land of the American guerrillas – it shall prove to be very interesting. Who can control what and who and how efficient their new government will be. Lets compare notes.

Drunk woman: I believe that’s along the line of the probabilities of Scientology Concept.

Overheard at Bishop Bar: Drunk woman tells Bartender:

Overheard at Bishop Bar: Drunk woman tells Bartender: High Priestess told Associated Press – it came to my thoughts unwanted or not. That should I die, this silent war would end. ISIS would stop. Washington would stop. I was told at Head Office. When I asked how do I get out of this silent war. Die was the answer and all this would stop. Is that the only solution. Yes. Not once not twice more than that. I was told by a shrink related to my former husband and that famous singer Maria Ciccone. I die and everything ends. Then I ask everyone to let someone kill me so you can all live in peace.

Bartender: Maybe that would be the only solution. These thoughts of yours High Priestess are alive and well. They breathe easy.

Overheard at Bishop Bar: Drunk woman tells Bartender: High Priestess tells Associated Press: Print it as you see it. When the day comes and I shall be ruling at the head of all religions – it shall be a man’s world. Men need to reshape. Men need to make the snap and the serious pondering decisions. Never give a woman a job only a man can handle that is also in bed. If a man doesn’t want to spread illnesses via sex if a man doesn’t want to have a child. No abortion needed when he takes charge – be safe not sorry that you had sex with another man or a woman. Do not spread illnesses and do not help a woman give birth or seek an abortion. Do it by being responsible. Thank you for printing this for all religions.

Bartender: That’s a little like business sense – every product that can help this philosophy go through will sell. They better be reliable and quality oriented – CEO is worse than the Queen. She sends her employees on a vacation. No TV – no radio. No internet. No telephone. No money. Fed with a room with blank paper and lots of pencils that they sharpen and write their hearts content. Then come back feeling refreshed just to see if they came up with some creativity or they are simply saturated and need to change department.

Overheard at Bishop Bar: Drunk woman tells Bartender: Hearing that depression hits anyone without PREJUDICE. Rest assured that if you can cry you’re not too far gone. If you have work that you like you’re not too far gone. If you are surrounded with people who are good or seem good or vice-versa that shouldn’t become your crutches. You have to find that happiness back especially if you are working making a salary. Lots of depressions end up really bad that you really lose it all. Take it from someone who understands without going through it. There are people out there good to you and bad for you. Make it temporary measures, your first priority is to realise what you have – what you buy with it and what you can do when you go home. For the rest of people in a depression with no work – I really have to say the truth, find an outlet. Go back to school. Get another degree. learn another language and translate books then publish them on Amazon. The list can be long. There is no real catch. If its what people want to buy, you can realise a profit in a career you never had before.

Bartender: Bell is making money. People in a depression don’t know what they will do with the money that could help them nothing good ever happens. They listen to the radioman who says that something good will happen because BELL made money.

Overheard at Bishop Bar: Drunk woman tells Bartender: Researcher tells Trump and Trudeau to remember their humble beginnings in bankruptcy. USA was producing nothing but inferior products at a high cost low profit. USA used Asia to produce inferior products to realise higher profits. On the other hand, Canada could not continue producing quality or superior products realising mediocre profits and did likewise. Both countries lost a bundle. Results are the facts. Many losses, higher taxes, re-enforcement of municipal taxes, volunteering money with fines and all kinds of benefits for higher income brackets making lower income feel more the squeeze. Imports galore reducing the need to pay wages in Canada and USA. Today, we’re facing higher minimum wage and a gross amount of unhappiness. What to do? Ask Scientology. They had a concept to realise and they will realise it. There is no more turning back. Kennedys are going to govern the way that concept would have started in their own territory designated by Scientology. The rest of us will stay where we are the happiest remaining realistic with a touch of idealism.

Bartender: Sounds scary – the researcher said it a while back. New methods new homes new work new family and anything that is new to a person at most of the times it proves to be a difficult transition if any.

Overheard at Bishop Bar: Drunk woman tells Bartender: Some of those old newspapers must have unedited speeches or declarations of M.Munroe where she talks about how she is shoved around even with the White House. Bring it out. I know that you did not edit it like they told you to do it.

Bartender: Maybe they destroyed it. Maybe not.

Drunk woman: It would be the first time that an old news director will seriously listen to CIA or any other form of agency connected to National Defence.

Overheard at Bishop Bar: High Priestess tells Associated Press about Mr. Sanders who should have been the Prez since JFKjr and this woman broke up. She said: Love this guy. He certainly helps me in my future strategies. All of the above is only but the TRUTH. I shall find a way out for those who gathered. A place where they can be FREE and act on their dreams. The Kennedys and Madonna who doesn’t want to be pushed around by the White House. Who jokes. CIA who doesn’t do their job. The family of the Queen and Empress who can’t see her way and her Armed Forces CIA ways. She will find a place for all of you to live out a life of the FREE and the BRAVE. Thanks for showing up in numbers.

Bartender: I hope that land is far away so that they don’t corrupted again just like the Jehovah’s Witnesses would like. Please let them free to the promise land.

Drunk woman: Don’t make fun. Everyone has suffered some kind of insult and ongoing. Some make it a career to tell everyone that they can’t take it anymore. They should get the Kennedys who suffered so much. They should get Madonna and Gesu from Brésil because they suffered so much and only them can govern this new land.

Overheard at Bishop Bar: Bartender tells Drunk woman: This Canadian Researcher tells Associated Press medication to reduce symptoms of mental conditions and disorders hit a plateau. They all do. Which part of the medication should be altered? The same ingredients that permit another opening to severe symptoms. Ask the labs to look into it. She advised to all psychiatrist who keep on changing brands for the same treatment. Obviously there could be a tolerance for that/those same ingredient(s)

Bartender: This Researcher is also a Surgeon. What can she do other than talk about it.

Overheard at Bishop Bar: Bartender tells Drunk woman: This Canadian Researcher tells Associated Press medication to reduce symptoms of mental conditions and disorders hit a plateau. They all do. The psychiatrist has a tendency to change brand. He/She tells the patient it’s different. Do not buy that. If it would be different it would work differently if it work differently which condition is this psychiatrist trying to reduce its symptoms and affectations?

Bartender: They do that all the time. What is it that they learned at University and working experiences.

Drunk woman: She does have an answer for this. When these doctors went to school they were told to make their own diagnosis on what they see and hear. It’s a form of prejudice. After, they are not told that there are facilities because during their studies these doctors to be NEVER see any facilities for alternative between medication!

Bartender: What facilities other than foster homes. Hospital stay. There aren’t any other.

Drunk woman: The researcher knows that. She wants this Queen to rule Canada and New England.

Overheard at Bishop Bar: Bartender tells Drunk woman: This woman tells the Associated Press that the population of the world is in a denial. Mental Disorders Conditions are scary. It has no PREJUDICE. It can happen to just about anyone. The younger ones are the biggest and longest in the condition. They do suffer when there is a sign of fluctuation in their perceptions. They start to realise that others don’t feel what he/she feels – if they did they wouldn’t be able to either laugh, smile or talk with this fluency and ease. If that person tells you my question is do you know a real good psychiatrist? How would you recognise a good psychiatrist? How attentive are you prior witnessing these symptoms to when he/she told you what he/she was going through? Being married to someone with a mental condition is not the worse thing that could happen when MOST of the times that person and yourself are having a regular relationship ups and downs included without the need to separate until those symptoms re-occur. Symptoms of incapability totally. Aggression longer than 24 hours motorised. Then you get the right psychiatrist. He will tell you to put some of the medication in his food. You don’t want to get a divorce. You do love each other. It should work.  It will work. Then there is the other couple. They both don’t want to stay together. He or She is affected. Go see a regular psychiatrist. He will give you the release papers.

Bartender; Release papers? Like your wife or husband won’t come out of this – it would be best to leave each other – married or not. Get the exceptional psychiatrist that can recognise your situation. Do you want out or Not.?

Overheard at Bishop Bar: Bartender tells Drunk woman: This woman tells the Associated Press that rumours are the same as what happened years ago in Florida.

Mr. Trump calling for investigation in Michigan – George Bush and brother can be of help. Something like that happened to them. Mr. Trump won just like Mr. Bush – if there was an error it was by a small thin margin of a few hundreds more vote going his way.

Bartender: It’s about it. He would have won anyway. Could be a form of wanting to get even at Bush and Trump. US citizens have a knack at dog eat dog attitudine.

Jan 24, 2017

Overheard at Bishop Bar: Bartender tells Drunk woman: Many don’t like Quebec because of their particularities. Many say that why should do anything for Quebec when they are not ready to start doing anything for the rest of Canada and New England.

Drunk woman: That’s what the Queen is waiting for – these comments. She applied as a speaker – she never got a call or an email. Of course, the person asking for a speaker didn’t know who she was.

Overheard at Bishop Bar: Drunk woman tells Bartender: Mr. Trump wants to negotiate with companies. Queen agrees even if she could be clueless of their intentions. Mr. Trump decides who stays and will be terminated. She agrees. In Canada, the Queen will establish a protocol to live by. Not good enough for Quebec – not good enough for the rest of Canada and New England. Any comments on this decision please direct them to Justin Trudeau.

Bartender: That won’t happen. Justin Trudeau is a yes man.

Drunk woman: I know he’s a yes man but not to the Queen. He never sends her any of his demarches envers ses tâches en temps que Premier Ministre du Canada

Prove me wrong: Overheard at Bishop Bar: Drunk woman tells Bartender: In reply to a few questions posed by Donald J Trump – wants to renew negotiations Keystone Pipeline TransCanada to resubmit. Question is about material and steel came up. Queen replied that Canada has its Atlas Steel just to name one. On Canada’s side we shall use Canadian polished steel. On your side Mr. Trump please do use yours, less to move around. Then again, US has never made his steel famous no matter how you cut it US never promoted his material.

Bartender: It’s going to start now.

Drunk woman: Sure. Engineers are going to cut corners – Canadian is expensive. What will they achieve by using the worst of their material. Made in Canada was always expensive – therefore it is fair to conclude that Made in Canada Pipeline Steel is reliable and quality finish. Can he say the same?

Jan 23, 2017

Prove me wrong: Overheard at Bishop Bar: Drunk woman tells Bartender: The High Priestess of Asia East to West and all around said to find health is to find wealth. She predicts that The Continent of America the Great will take the back burner. There is no time to talk and act with people who know it all. There is a major clean-up to do. There is major research to conclude around some findings that went wrong. Imagine taking all levels of its densities in radiation/magnetic/fields/gases combining them to even xRay a star or two. How much they did in damage makes her want to grab NASA and let them warn of the damages Science created on Earth. They created the same kind of damages NASA that is because they, at the time, did not know better. It is full of this, they may have believed, theirs won’t harm anything. They found out they were very wrong. They left a bunch of trash in the galaxy. Losing the revolution of these planets will backfire. NASA has to put his foot down and let Science or Scientology or whoever to take a recul. See what they have done. She the High Priestess said she didn’t see anything. Is it because humanity doesn’t matter anymore since waters, soil, agriculture, oxygen are no longer reliable as a sustainable reliability that we once enjoyed as a human, as a cattle as a creature of the sea and as a person in full development? Developments are empty. That means Science made the space but cannot fill the content with the right elements – what there is no more leaves space for what’s to come – so far it is empty and won’t develop. She sees impatience. She asked for answers before 2006. She had a misfortune she tells everyone. Her health is no longer there must be the waves. Must be the medication. Must be the food. Must be the water. She won’t tell anyone anything. She is the High Priestess. She has the sacred knowledge. You develop yours. If she hears that people suffer and suffered she will make sure that they leave immediately. She will find her military to escort them to places where happiness and tranquility is nothing but GUARANTEED. New government, new people who want only the best for them. I suffered in their hands because I did not guess correctly she told everyone reading her posts. I don’t want to meet anyone who suffered because they didn’t want to do it.. whatever that is or was. (never the same) Who gave you these programs. No answer. Okay. What are you doing with these programs. No answer. Okay. Who are you doing it for. No answer. Okay. This is the deadline. No respect was had. She wants them either dead or they get their own spot away from the Continent. They the HO always say that they will force this woman. She repeated the same. I won’t be surprised and let them.

Bartender: You repeated it many times. Are you repeating it for Asia because she predicted that would be the last place yet she felt like she was going to be forced and pushed into these continents. She is glad she told whoever I didn’t want everyone here. Someone has to be that role model. After you pay for my military to come to you. That did not happen. She said that she would have done it faster and better without sacrificing the capable in Science and technology and medicine would have been at a high level.

Overheard at Bishop Bar: Drunk woman tells Bartender: The High Priestess of Asia East to West and all around said to find health is to find wealth. When it is starting to éclaircir in its somberness darkness it is high time to LET IT BE let the MeanytheMeany Queen take charge – she won’t want to lose the path to progress and very visible. Others will. Some treatments and interventions need to be customised – it is 40% Science and 60% human collaboration – among them some will be in disbelief and accuse that they are being treated and mistreated to make others live.

Bartender: It’s like something in Sci-Fiction.

Drunk woman: Of course, the guy who wrote it visionaire.

Jan 22, 2017

Overheard at Bishop Bar: Drunk woman tells Bartender: Comedian had one of these jokes. You stole a DVD and it said: This movie has been modified to fit your screen.

This guy makes sense – Could you picture this. One of those fucking idiots at IBM-TES took my joke like a serious job. I said I wanted no copy act security pack for IBM-TES. He said: okay, you want that they cannot copy anything in a computer. I said yes. That idiot shows me the screen. He said do you recognise anything on the screen. I said – move all I see is your penis hanging there I think. He said no, that’s my nose, well, part of it. I bet you anything you can’t resize anything on this screen and the stuff I took from a computer that I hacked. What an idiot he didn’t even fix the resize button on the back of the screen. I just said – justify screen. He got so pissed off. I knew it. I just knew it. You did something to my screen. You did something. You did it. You used the justify screen button. You were not supposed to do this. You were not supposed to do this. All TVs and all Monitor Screen have Justify to Screen. I hate these CEO. I guess he thought that I didn’t tell him to put those buttons on the outside to justify and to regulate – whatever resolution. Does Sony have this. He said: I didn’t remember we had it. Weeping away for the longest time.

Bartender: You have to say something. Of course. Then you don’t want to do anything. Wassamadda. You hiz nuts.

Overheard at Bishop Bar: Drunk woman tells Bartender: When a person is mentally attacked at whatever degree + this person is between those years of 15 to 35 first time seen by psychiatrist or not. Telling them that it’s okay to feel your illnesses. You are really telling them that they are sick and trying to trick them just to either kill them or put them in some kind of trap or prison. Psychologists want you to feel that its normal. Psychiatrist tell you that with pills you could try to live a normal life. Both don’t say much because they want the person to talk about it and find a solution or solutions. To the people who this happened to – don’t say anything to your doctors. They will read your mind. They are gifted. They go by body language. They really believe that they are the seeds of Sherlock Holmes. Don’t say anything and take your pills. The moment I can, these shrinks will live in their own colony and you shall be served and protected by destiny.

Bartender: Mr. Trump is an actor and CIA is a bunch of extras.

Jan 21 2017

Overheard at Bishop Bar: Drunk woman tells Bartender: New Queen wants a list of people that went to court over racism, prejudice and discrimination. She wants them to open up their own businesses. The more the merrier. Get all sectors to open up businesses. These businesses are the role models. High Pay, Equal Pay, Promotions NEVER Overlooked, Handicapped of any race of any skin shade working in harmony and thriving in peace making a ton of money because of competence and not because they are judged for their minority.

Bartender: That’s good. Taking their SSN and Names to be called. To be able to open up businesses to show others that they too count not only in what they contribute to their previous jobs work or career but they, the workers, they count. They are capable. They are the best and they will pave the way.

Drunk woman: America the land of the free and the brave is not Canadian at all. C’est pas catholique.

Overheard at Bishop Bar: Drunk woman tells Bartender: CEO of IBM is not aware of what people want from her. She cannot take you out of predicaments if you don’t want. Without any further questioning. I wish you well. Whatever you did using me and my family is not to be forgotten or forgiven. The tree of knowledge. Remember.

Bartender: Knowledge is not for everyone. Whoever they were will still be them. That won’t change. Not certain on everyone most never wanted the CEO to be alive. For whatever reason. They could not see their ways out of their predicament believing that if she would die and her whole family Earth would be saved (LOL you mean they would be save and live on forever)

Drunk woman: Could you imagine her marrying anyone?

Bartender: Are you kidding. She has to ask so many people to forgive her. That will take a long time before she gets married with the right guy.

Overheard at Bishop Bar: Drunk woman tells Bartender: CEO of IBM is not aware of what people want from her. She gets these dubious remarks around that she does NOT want to do anything. She asked many questions years ago before Bush entered the White House. What is it that you want? Never receiving an answer she decided to turn her back around. Melania wants to fight to make America Great again. I am not aware of what the fight is all about. Scientology and Mr Trump will take care of all their employees and contractors who paid to work doing what they do best. Unknown to CEO.

Bartender: Same story told differently.

Jan 20 2017

Overheard at Bishop Bar: Drunk woman tells Bartender: Why would you need a Queen when you mismanaged her life so badly? Why worry of invasion when what is dividing us right now is her not having the information and the money at hand the way she would like it. She told Mr. Trump that if he doesn’t collect all the trash and their thoughtful intentions out of her territory – he tells her that he doesn’t want them either and she should act accordingly.

Bartender: Lots of people would start a war if these trashy gents would stick around.

Drunk woman: Maybe only when she does die.

Overheard at Bishop Bar: Drunk woman tells Bartender: The future could just like what computer geniuses predicted. Computer will rule the country – US of America. The CEO of IBM-TES replied: I heard it and predicted almost the same. We made all kinds of predictions around computers. Many laughed as Steve Jobs was downsizing the computer into an iPhone. He is going to make the money that he is going to make starting with FREE applications to paying applications – mumbo-jumbo conflicts in internet. Big messy cluttered wall to wall information that can be archived since BING is the President of IBM-TES she gave him advice on how to monetise seriously with BING. He shall be the first with a SearchEngineLogicCent$ – what Google wants is advertisement and have the first few pages only for advertising. BING will advertise and PAY. We have a reason. It’s called tollbooth fees customs/borders. Someone has to pay.

Bartender: She won’t get married I heard.

Drunk woman: No. She says that she does believe in love at first sight but she did not meet him yet. She says: Why be at the mercy of governments when she makes a ton of money and buys the Continent of America. She just pays all the debts for starters. She has a trump card for sure he just doesn’t know that she prefers her Spirit Untouched White Free as an Eagle. She could be the Empress and the Queen at any time after that.

Overheard at Bishop Bar: Drunk woman tells Bartender: People talk about United States very divided. John Kennedy’s wife said that every state has a character an identification. She sees no division only acceptance of their personalities that is missing. Canada is not divided at all. Every province has their uniqueness. The person in charge to keep it in one voice are Prime Minister in Canada and President in the United States. They are not there to change your character and your characteristics. They are there to give you the paternal feeling that he is there to see you thrive. When citizens of North America thrive so will their governments.

Bartender: In other words – she is not going to retract anything she said to everyone in North America. You made the decisions. You never told me anything on how you are going to start take charge of our economy. I do not want to be part of anything you establish even if you feel that I have influenced you.

Overheard at Bishop Bar: Drunk woman tells Bartender: Mr. Trump finally Prez. VP Pence are going to work together with their citizens, of course,  Her face represents a caked map of the world well travelled. She is no longer interested since Obama not to feel selected Mr. Trump.

Bartender; It,s not easy to marry a woman you don’tlove just to make sure that new paths are built while disconnecting slowly from the past influences of mistrust. Mistrust reigns and shall reign.

Overheard at Bishop Bar: Drunk woman tells Bartender: Mr. Trump finally Prez. VP Pence are going to work together with their citizens, of course, to re-establish greatness in the United States of America. We want to wish them well. As for my life, it hasn’t seen anything GREAT in any form of change in the last 25 yrs plus plus but let’s say just 25. Canada is worried about business exchange something to do with the borders. It’s up in the air. Another term into another term that spells 4 to 8 yrs. I was under the impression another 4 for sure.

Bartender; They make decisions. She didn’t. She is no longer interested.

Jan 18, 2017

Overheard at Bishop Bar: Drunk woman tells Bartender: 70% of votes went for Justin Trudeau. Today, after one year, he’s no good. Many say they can do a better job. They don’t say exactly what they shall do only that business will flourish. What about how he should do it? Is it possible that people who have something to represent won’t say because that’s like stealing their ideas. Are they seriously committed in making Canada thrive or is it a matter of who was behind the progress and development of Canada that is their priority.

Bartender: Take a leave of absence Mr. Trudeau and have a few people take your place making decisions on their plans while they are suffering through all of the oppositions.

Drunk woman: Maybe he’ll do it. Listen to all the good advice and let them run the show while he’s on sublimal vacation.

Overheard at Bishop Bar: Drunk woman tells Bartender: Did you hear the good news about Esso Reward Card giving out freebies. I’ll give it to all my family to use so I can get the rewards faster.

Bartender: Nah come on. They’ll know at one point that you’re doing that.

Drunk woman: When? When the last user doesn’t give it back to me and uses it somewhere else?

Bartender: How are you going to get another card and then you start from bottom ZERO

Drunk woman: Sure. It could happen. If I say I lost it, don’t they know when I used it for the last time and even which method of payment and if its me? I lost it. Period.

Bartender: Maybe all rewards cards will follow suit.

Drunk woman: It could if they want. It’s not going to be someone who steals it. It has to be family from out of town or family of their friends from out of town for us to lose it all.

Bartender: That’s a lot of homework.

Drunk woman: Silly guy, they have videos – the timestamp is written on the sales receipt.

Jan 17, 2017

Overheard at Bishop Bar: Drunk woman tells Bartender: Quebec wants to be independent of Canada. The new Queen said: No problem. Don’t answer to the declaration Revenue Canada. Start there. They replied that if they would do that they would realise a few billion dollars in Quebec only. She answered alright, that would be the first 2 years and after that you have those few billions start distribution. You realise that many government sectors of Quebec need serious revision, yes? When I want out of a family in dispute or not, I make sure my bills are paid, I got a little stash in my savings and I plan for the present future. Quebec has to rethink and revise how he is going to sell his resources. His new plants. His new clientele. What he can and cannot trade at a fair exchange. Would new money come to surface, that also needs to be planned without forgetting that it’s brand new money without a solid foundation that it means anything long term yet. Economist Landry Parizeau know that Quebec has to established before a Quebec Dollar takes a value worldwide. Quebec does have its own stock market which is good. It has to prove itself. 40 yrs later + nothing similar has taken place. What stopped you all in Quebec? Were you waiting for the Empress to show up? It’s going to take her a little over one month to plan with what Quebec has and can do in the immediate future. You? Parti Québecois is an old party. What do you have to say for yourself?

Bartender: I didn’t hear anything. They don’t want to answer to the Queen.

Drunk woman: They don’t answer to the Queen. There is no order here stemming from England. The Empress has territories. She could be the new Queen of England also. She said that she was pushed and shoved around. She chose Quebec, New Brunswick and New England and all the territories it may command such as Labrador.

Overheard at Bishop Bar: Drunk woman tells Bartender: It’s easier to hit on a man for some reason he knows why his performance went down and why he lies his way out of problems blaming others for his sudden incompetence which was not present when he got hired.

Bartender; That’s a woman who believes that a man’s place is to take authority at home and answer to his boss or if he has a company to answer to his clientele. She doesn’t see the difference between bosses. You either work for a boss who works for his clientele or you are the boss working for his own clientele.

Overheard at Bishop Bar: Drunk woman tells Bartender: Top Psychologist is a woman she answered to the question: Do women get respect when issuing orders or do workers prefer getting orders from women or men. She replied: there is division here. The woman in question issuing orders – does she own the company? The woman in question: Does she answer to higher up, the ones who hired her?

Bartender: That’s the psychologist who is so against – general symptoms for so many conditions.

Drunk woman: That’s the same psychologist who said – against discrimination, prejudice and that nagging feeling of racism? Open up your own company and hire everyone who replies to these pre-requisites starting from C.V. feeling harrassed because your skin colour a little darker than it should be. Feeling bad that you are a woman and you’re not getting those promotions and high salaries. We hire we have no prejudice either we already know you can do the jobs and of course, a pay increase every 6 months.

Overheard at Bishop Bar: Drunk woman tells Bartender: What a wonderful day I had today. I enjoyed a good 24 hours free from noise, voices asking me to listen and tasks around the office.

Bartender: Lucky you. I was bombarded anyway.

Overheard at Bishop Bar: Drunk woman tells Bartender: Sherbrooke got a laugh and a half. Justin Trudeau respects the wishes of the Premier of Quebec that Quebec is to be considered French due to their language policies. Yet, after informing everyone that he shall in French someone got offended. As a Canadian woman who acts as a Queen from England, I believe that Mr. Trudeau’s conduct vis-à-vis the Quebec circumstances who by the way prefers their language policies despite ruining their resources. I believe that Mr. Trudeau did as what the majority of Quebec wishes. Till further negotiations are completed between understandings Canada and Quebec – Mr. Trudeau is to address whoever he wants in the language he feels would be appropriate.

Bartender: She likes Mr. Trudeau. Most people do not.

Drunk woman: He’s young. She says that a younger man is more maniable learning from the bottom of the ladder without feeling like an idiot. Learning pains between youth leadership and same wishy-washy Canadian population.

Bartender: Name me one government that people in big minority did not want anymore then said that the next election they want anyone but not this one so I’ll vote for anyone.

Drunk woman: It means that the Canadian woman acting Queen from England could be paving a new road. She wants Mr. Trudeau to show respect and feel the air.

Overheard at Bishop Bar: Drunk woman tells Bartender: Canadian woman more concerned about the seriousness of investments in Canada than what Mr. Trump can bring in to our Economy. Ask Mr. Trudeau instead what he will motivate and which sectors of his government will he motivate and push to receive exceptional performances. I am not going to rely on US to give us our daily bread and a bottle of Champagne.

Bartender: That Canadian woman is right. Serious Canadian Investors have to make up their minds. Who are you going to trust US or Canada with your money – then invest there either in Canada or in US. Both is not possible.


Overheard at Bishop Bar: Drunk woman tells Bartender: No matter how you cut it – Scientology took advantage of Microsoft Apple and IBM for sure. All three went cavemenish with their creativity. Then CEO shows up. She says – I don’t mind that they finish what they started. I won’t live in fears such as Dark Ages – Financially Stripped – Sure-Death in the name of ??? Look at yourselves – so old. You lost 40 yrs of your life. Me too. I am a woman and it bothers me more than you – men. Men, what is that you need cream hair dye bones hurt muscles hurt weightloss exercises shopping – whatever for I love you just the way you are then they are seen with other women because they cannot get an erection with old wives. Go figure.

Bartender: Where the world is going to find all that cash and how much they will suffer is just the beginning of volcanoes in eruption.

Overheard at Bishop Bar: Drunk woman tells Bartender: Did you hear that there was not going to be any sports event because of the Martin Luther King Jr Day?

Bartender: That means that everything collected at stores and what could have been collected at sports will get together in one statement and it is owed to Adriana of Boucherville. She is in pain and she asks for a day. There is mortality and she asks for a few days. How is USA and Canada going to repay her – Suffer so much. find ways to dish out MONEY mr. Trump.

What would have happened if this new Queen did not open her big filthy mouth trashing and lashing at people in governments.

Overheard at Bishop Bar: Drunk woman tells Bartender: Mr. Trump doesn’t realise the meaning behind America being the land of opportunity neither does Canada. If we were that land called Opportunity – then I would rather be governing the lands whose opportunities come to them such as Asia. Most work is accomplished (even at its weakest and lowest inferior quality and may I add with a repeat turnover) That’s where I would like to be. They get all the work. We are called the land of opportunity. What is opportunity. Well, let me see here.  Opportunity to do whatever I want. Because I can afford it in Italy I can afford it in America and make a ton of money, yes? Governments of America took their jobs at home and sent them to Asia. Asia is still complaining. They not only take jobs from us in North America, they sell us their work – cars, big ticket items. Soon, they will sell us all our houses. Where is the Government of US and of Canada?

Bartender: They just woke up Trump is your best suit or only card?

Drunk woman: My only card. You silly guy. A Trump Card is only one card without cheating.

Jan 16 2017

Overheard at Bishop Bar: Drunk woman tells Bartender: After a few years of same monotous conversation with these thoughtful people. Conclusion is they are nowhere to be found in order to be rewarded. When my army finds them, they shall have a rewarding place to live.

Bartender: It’s fair. Something she never lived. She said it – when its my turn its still not fair.

Overheard at Bishop Bar: Drunk woman tells Bartender: The new Queen wants to know the answer to this question: “do you know I am suffering and for a very long time?”

Bartender: if they didn’t know they’ll know now type of thing

Drunk woman: Au contraire. Do not tell her that you suffered too. If you would have suffered this ordeal would have seen a conclusion première classe and so many developments would have seen an end and venues of profit worldwide envy.

Bartender: That’s why she says, if you have already done it timestamp them. If not, revise and start. Timestamp my order. Don’t remove her surprise when she makes you all suffer. Do not tell her how much you suffered and got nothing done.

Overheard at Bishop Bar: Drunk woman tells Bartender: Queen is wondering about those wagons in the Metro – who built them and who put them together. The news don’t mention much. Tell the ones who built it and assembled it together in the metro station to estimate the problems in cost and in time. Then ask whoever is responsible to pay for the damages.

Bartender: She is going to be in the discipline department that’s for sure.

Drunk woman: Discipline with a whip and a leopard dress – sure. No sex. Snipped away. Women have to masturbate and use toys from the sex shop. No men around.

Overheard at Bishop Bar: Drunk woman tells Bartender: Did you hear the new episode everyone is afraid of you. Not yet, they will be. Contests have a funny way of seeing the laws. All of a sudden they are afraid of les lois jeux et courses et criss the lotteries du Québec? The Queen is the one who you shall respect by force. After the fear comes the respect said God. It did not happen. Look around the world and you tell me where the respect lies – within? Respect starts with self-respect. The Queen is going to be so strict that you will either want to kill her or you shall respect yourself and respect everything else at whatever level and measure you command.

Bartender: She’ll do good – remove all your products. We will open the companies that we never had. Maybe all these companies who keep on saying excluding Quebec do want to leave.

Drunk woman: The problem is very old said the Queen. She is detained. The ones who detain her will suffer big time. It’s a promise. No rainbows coming from her. She is looking forward to what they planned and the reasons of why it took so long and why it looks so bad in all these double-talks.

Overheard at Bishop Bar: Drunk woman tells Bartender: What they Scientologists don’t know won’t hurt us. Words of advice are over. You took your sweet freaking time to prove points and scores. Better hurry up. Not too many of you will be left to enjoy what’s to come in 2025 or 2030 or 2040. There is one thing that you won’t get from us. Assistance. Get Microsoft GPS. They already have it over 10 yrs ago they just don’t market it.

Undercover Agents – there isn’t anyone who is going to find us. They or there isn’t anyone who knows who we are. She answered: You’re doing undercover work for so many years and you won’t get a reward because there isn’t anyone who knows who to reward and who to promote at the White House. She is going to do something with her thoughts. She replied: If I don’t say it out loud, its not coming or stemming from me it is worldwide known. Are you the E.T. Aliens or UFO? No answer. She ended the year 2015 2016 the same way. What you don’t or what you do – I shall do equally. Bottom line – you shall suffer big time. When I hear that something will be done by 2040 – 2030 – 2025 – 2020 I get a little annoyed. Shall I tear down something that you promised will happen? I will. I did not wait all this time to get garbage working and talking. The trash that comes out of the media is pathetic. Find yourself another continent. These are not thoughts. These words are carving in stone. You shall suffer big time.

Bartender: Did you hear about Donald Trump.

Drunk woman: I really don’t have to repeat what the Queen said years ago. You are a woman, you have a dark shady skin, you are a minority. O P E N   Y O U R   O W N BUSINESS.

Jan 15, 2017

Overheard at Bishop Bar: Drunk woman tells Bartender: During the last few years, all I heard is that a bridge was going to get lighted up. Streets have problems with horses and their shit. Calgary Stampede to arrive in Montreal. Nothing around Passeport Montreal. Molson and Labatt really forgot what we are famous for. Les Habs youwhoooooo.  They play hockey the Habs. You are going to suffer so much – so much – so much. Bankers and politicians for jumping because they told you to (fill in the blank) There is no next time. The answer is okay, have it your way. Then take care of your country. When its her turn. You shall suffer and not us answers the bankers and the politicians of North America. (not the USA) New England. Canada and New England do not answer to USA. Since when? Since then? Good, because you all answered too too too long, you shall all suffer.

Bartender: They may just go for the suffering. Then, they expect it over within a few days or weeks.

Drunk woman: Only death can determine how long one individual can survive the ordeal that he will be put through.

Overheard at Bishop Bar: Drunk woman tells Bartender: During every storm someone is working at calming the eye of the storm. Canada was busy doing what THEY told them to do. Microsoft already has it – please don’t ask where I can buy it. IBM-TES is not even that advanced according to CEO. She is not planning any competition in the near future with any of these giants.

Bartender: She is. We have to pay for the show.

Drunk woman: Any exhibition there is an entrance fee. Calm down. Enjoy the tornado. Fucked up idiot.

CEO of IBM and Head of Security Council of North America want to know what is on the agenda of a simple all inclusive Passeport Montréal?

Bartender : I didn’t even know we had one coming

Drunk woman : You are so silly. It’s a Microsoft Secret. They did t 10 yrs ago. It includes your hotel stay. Vieux Port de Montreal, Le Vieux Montreal, Le Jardin Botanique, le Stade Olympique, le Parc Jean Drapeau.. plus plus plus Food, tours de calèche, la Ronde, stay at iglous du parc Jean Drapeau and there is so much more that Montreal is known for. The coolest is that you can always purchase more but the basics are all there.

Bartender: It’s not the hotels that paid for all that

Drunk woman: Of course not. Their prices are low. The people with calèches, shuttles to wherever, the wherevers all contributed to the program. The hotels have it. They just simply download place it in a Passeport Montreal and then everywhere they go it shall be stamped. The hotel owners have their complete agenda and preferences. Their guest did not go on more than 1 calèche ride. Everytime he purchases hotels have it in his system. When they are stamped these passports its by laser that gives everyone updates of the guests wants and usage. The guest may lose his passport? Not to worry. The hotel he stayed at will give him updated version automatically at his request.

Overheard at Bishop Bar: Drunk woman tells Bartender: fake news? Secrets behind relationships in (love sectors) Calling on analysists of the brain. Does hiding relationships of the heart harm anyone in particular other than the couple itself? What is the biggest nuisance out of a relationship based on two contrasts? Religion-Culture-History or the fact that they shall have children with built-in controversy with development of smack in the middle of two religion-culture-historical facts? Which dilemma seems to prioritise.

Bartender: Are you fucking kidding me. Who is going to think of that before during and after sex? When kids happen its like shit happens. The slip of the foot straight jammed in the throat.

Jan 13, 2017

Best shared article or event is going to the newspaper of your City. Pay for the photo and have it published through Associated Press – the whole world will see it and thank you for this awareness. Thanks for giving me an opportunity to let you know how the world finds out about what is going on. The cost is high to publish as an AD but what you just said and want us to share is PRICELESS.

Overheard at Bishop Bar: Drunk woman tells Bartender: fake news? Only one way to do it. Tape or Record everything copy paste everything place it on USB key and then when truth comes out find out which MEDIA you want to stick to.

Bartender: That was fast this repair program of hers.

Overheard at Bishop Bar: Drunk woman tells Bartender: What I enjoy about this suffering I am going through – people repeat it and repeat everything I say. There will be NO room for ignorance of what I went through and what I am still going through. I got inflammation of the abdomen and more. I feel weak possibly my IS is shutting down ready for the flu to set in and more. They all repeated these thoughts of mine propageant l’air du temps.

Bartender: Good. When it’s her turn let them those thoughts filter the air again and ask them to tell the ones suffering WHY they are suffering then it shall be their turn. Let dog eat and beat up dogs.

Jan 12, 2017

Overheard at Bishop Bar: Drunk woman tells Bartender: I don’t believe it. Canada is being respected. All those workers waking up at just about any time of the day and night. All those vegeterians who really don’t feel like smelling their bacon or sausage but can have breakfast without meat. Finally, all of us who prefer breakfast instead of lunch and supper – McDonalds came through and found out what we wanted. I am not a vegetarian but I love their breakfasts.

Bartender: You only eat their breakfast and the fish filet sandwich. MBA Nazi attack has been fired from McDonalds. What a regime it was!

Drunk woman: Great. I can have both at any time. That’s Freedom of Choice.

Overheard at Bishop Bar: Drunk woman tells Bartender: I can’t wait to hear what this Marina LePen had to do to prove a point and who asked her to prove these points.

Bartender: When you’ll find out you’ll sober up but her story remains as ugly as you see it while you’re drunk.

Overheard at Bishop Bar: Drunk woman tells Bartender: If Marine LePen makes a difference between US and France – all I can add is: both content yourselves with less and mediocre.

Bartender: She is against globalisation. Okay. She wants a Union. Okay. She is the best US and France have – wassamadder.

Overheard at Bishop Bar: Drunk woman tells Bartender: This Head of Research Centers is possibly right. When I go see a dentist – this doctor does the xrays and the interventions. Doctors working at the hospitals have it cushiony. Waiting for the radiologists. Che Bella Vita. Mistakes Errors still happen. With Doctors Surgeons doing their own xrays at one time fee will not overdo them either and apply the intervention it necessitates.

Bartender: You are a little bit mean – what of the radiologists.

Drunk woman: That’s something that lies between Universities pushing this career and the Educational Board of Canada that permit it. Not for us to challenge or tackle. Did they ask you for your permission when they overpromote studies?

Overheard at Bishop Bar: Drunk woman tells Bartender: Two sisters are watching TV. The Monkeys Show was on. One sister said to the other: Which one of them do you like. She answered: Mickey Dolenz. The sister asking said: yuck I like Davie Jones.  Her sister thought about it but did not say: What is it that this Davie Jones does that Dolenz doesn’t do? What’s the attraction. What is the difference between the two sisters.

Bartender: One sister likes the performance and possibly the way he played the drums. The other sister preferred the looks of Mr. Jones. The difference in beauty and appeal. If he is ugly, for her, he became an instant beauty.

Overheard at Bishop Bar: Drunk woman tells Bartender: Study is how will someone who suffered treat da niggas of tomorrow who will be their slaves?

Bartender: When the time comes, we’ll see it.

Overheard at Bishop Bar: Drunk woman tells Bartender: Humanity is strange. I walk to the store and there is a stand with Perennial Flowers to give for Cancer during Spring Time. Then we can even either buy or download and print whatever symbols to place on our walls on or on screenwalls. No matter how I look at it; I cannot see any sense of it all. Are you telling everyone something we know nothing of in 2017 – Are you sure. I don’t want to suffer for everyone since I feel helpless. I will suffer mine and NEVER yours. Got that Capish. When I can; you shall suffer big time and believe me even if I don’t get to see it because I shall be gone – you will possibly the ones that will permit this nonsense to wean out of everybody’s original sin. LOL

Bartender: They’ll suffer big time, just thinking of being the slaves of da niggas is suffering already and it did not happen and it will. She has a devise and she will see it through. How many times, she said, stop it for a while. She doesn’t want to tell she doesn’t want to do it. They’ll do it and you do it she always answered.

Jan 11, 2017

Overheard at Bishop Bar: Drunk woman tells Bartender: Check out what I found in some forgotten file.

CEO tells CIA and others in Military Commands

Give me one good reason why I should reconsider any of your ouvertures in business and other departments in the USA all along I was not able to operate even as a CEO at home getting feedback of work results and whatever I would have needed to know? I wrote to my Mother-in-Law. Telling her that I did not know who I was married to. We’re separated – telling him to give me one good reason that we should be together is what I am waiting for. You be the judge CIA and Military cuz Canada is listening.

Bartender: I’m not in the know-how either.

Overheard at Bishop Bar: Drunk woman tells Bartender: Check out what I found in some forgotten file.

Ice Maker Machine Similar principles – requirements income voltage water supply and temperature. Unless Microsoft already did it could you picture our Pacific Ocean starting to go down in temperature because they built walls at the proper place where water lives only for those surfers? High Waves to then rush back into the ocean? then doesn’t ice float? That means the water is shallow and it means the ice is too small and the tide is coming from the same or close to the level of the high waves. Bring the system further out. Is there another current after the wave rushes? After a while can you send a bar thermometer to test temperature. If it’s cooler than before – wouldn’t you believe that you could be on the right track. Please hold on to your probabl trophey microsoft may have them all since they did it 10 yrs ago. You’re late. See what GE Frigidaire Maytag or other manufacturer of instant ice maker since the principles are similar – I just want bigger in a wall goes into the system(s) then throws or spits out the cubes or whatever shape and form. Thanks said the CEO of IBM.

Bartender: They did that a long time ago some government in Quebec said that he was building a wall around the river and she even answered him what else does it do. He said: The wall will even inject certain remedies as it recycles and ice cubes can be ejected from the water cooling system ice maker. That’s why.

. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x4YDWUK0jv8

Jan 10, 2017

Overheard at Bishop Bar: Drunk woman tells Bartender: CEO of IBM likes to be humoured. She asked Mr JFKjr – is that want you wanted as a farewell message to former Prez. Of course, its not him its all his angels or whatever they may be called. :'( I almost cried Thank you for being there for me husband of mine.

Bartender: Men are like that – they don’t know what they have till they lose. Then all of a sudden they start all over again said the CEO of IBM.

Overheard at Bishop Bar: Drunk woman tells Bartender: CEO of IBM likes to be humoured. She listened to the former Prez of United States speech and she was moved. She likes the tone in his voice but please do not mention tone (colour of copier) He, the former Prez is a good man and he may have done mistakes. He cannot speak for all the population of United States or Canada (North America) he spoke freely. She wants to see him in the council of the future.

Bartender: CEO of IBM is a little emotional when people leave her – you should have seen her when she saw her former husband cheering for former Prez of United States.

Overheard at Bishop Bar: Drunk woman tells Bartender: CEO of IBM has a message to people who are against vaccination. Before you talk remember that your parents were vaccinated as well and for the younger ones – so have their parents. You could be the product of over-vaccination. In Africa, mental illness is not an option it exists. To shed tears over disorders of the brain connecting to tuberculosis and other illnesses today so curable due to vaccination – it is fair to say that America, North of America is still very ignorant of the conditions of the rest of the world.

You have to do a little research before you place it on social media. “I don’t want a vaccination is an option here in North America. In Africa, it is not an option. Because they are of pure descent non-vaccinated Science can find another method later on for us. They take their blood and analyse it without medication. Then they give them the vaccination they need for the illnesses they encounter in those regions. They are not going to give them vaccination for anything that they did not see themselves. Tuberculosis is still something that exists. What is the next step. Identification of the said illnesses first without vaccination. Has this been done by Scientology. Next question for the CEO who at one time would flare up and won’t any longer because of stupid people Einstein claimed we would be surrounded with – Has science had the privilege to conduct a research on people who never go a vaccination of whatever or whatsoever and had children who never had a vaccination either? What would be the answer? Failure to give her results of what she expected from Science is punishable by Capital Punishment DEATH.

Bartender: Some people are immortal – let them go please Ms. CEO.

Drunk woman: Like she said, she is no longer angry. She shall catch them and then bring them to the Judge. If he doesn’t see it – she’ll have the whole trial executed in front of the camera.

Overheard at Bishop Bar: Drunk woman tells Bartender: CEO wants to understand what may create empty cells in neurology resemblance and duplications one crawls while the other one runs on empty like an empty seed shell.

Bartender: They already know everything said Microsoft he just told me.

Drunk woman: That’s okay he’s probably with Bill Gates in Africa finding out what it is to be poor and that’s an education he shall never forget on location is always the best than online navigation copying the thoughts of everyone without a foot to stand on. Don’t let Luis go orgasmic he told the CEO that people have one foot in and one foot out of reality.

Two feet in reality first then go back to President of IBM said the CEO.

Overheard at Bishop Bar: Drunk woman tells Bartender: Futuristically Today skiing is but a breeze – want a companion to direct you GPS and Training?

Bartender: Like what.

Drunk woman: Beginners or experts will want to try what it feels to be hanging under a drone that will have GPS on the skates skis on each side L R – when skier loses one of his skis the drone take the skier back up and send another drone to pick up the missing ski with the coordinates where it could have landed.

Bartender: It sounds like fun now.

Drunk woman: maybe some will try it over water.  Some will try it on lake for ice fishing. Some will try it while hiking. Talking Drones will tell to shoot arpoon to hook on the façade of the mountain, so on and so forth. Leave it to IBM-TES. She has so much time on her hands while she is looking for new President. Bill Gates Vice President.

Overheard at Bishop Bar: Drunk woman tells Bartender: Futuristically Today CEO working on Drones to train people how to skate and how to ski.

Bartender: Nah come on! Will the CEO be afraid to go skating or ski?

Drunk woman: It’s the age factor now, she won’t know when she’ll skate rollerskate or ski. She never done it before and that excitement has escaped her illusions.

Overheard at Bishop Bar: Drunk woman tells Bartender: Science is looking into metals that lasers don’t really penetrate when building certain gadgets for technology to wear or whatever. Electricity and Metals do play a major role in destruction. Human and plants. Then we have chemicals and so on and so forth said the CEO

Bartender: Where is the CEO

Drunk woman: She is tied up. She is looking for Paul in the park. He gets Bill Gates’ money.

Overheard at Bishop Bar: Drunk woman tells Bartender: Not sure what the fears are of tomorrow and the future around Lucifer made of metallic beams on earth it will possibly be only his eyes since he may know that he will be mortal. Question: For you, is Lucifer that stupid or does he know what he knows? If Lucifer was that stupid he would have taken shape of men while he was allowed. He didn’t. He sent his angels. They all died. His eyes are that style one will be lighter than the other. Why? Because of metallic beams from an inferior point to a stronger point. Today’s technology will help. Then again, he will always need men for this. He is not STUPID. He won’t kill you just like that only SCIENCE.

Bartender; That won’t happen yet then – Science is not where it should be maybe?

Drunk woman: It’s there just needs add-ons. But people on earth die. When that happens that people live that 1000 yrs – who knows why God told him that he shall be liberated. We’ll see what preachers have to say about that.

Overheard at Bishop Bar: Drunk woman tells Bartender: With Donald Trump so hung up on racism ISIS and Immigrants – perhaps this time we’ll have a time frame when we can all witness a sense of normalcy in North America.

Bartender: Like the former Prez, he shall be lied to. He may gives us all a time frame of expectancy of when it will be normal to go out without being shot and to have someone else as a President like the former husband of CEO even if she won’t be there. He will be on his own since everything is going to be safe and secure around North America.

Drunk woman: Sounds good to me and the CEO won’t be around JFKjr told her in 4 to 5 yrs and she replied NO WAY. Do it all by yourself since all these murders and assassination won’t reoccur – do it with all the twats you’re surrounded with now and previously.

Overheard at Bishop Bar: Drunk woman tells Bartender: Did you hear what may surprise Canada soon?

Bartender: The Empress of America the Great is giving out McDonalds Coupons?

Drunk woman: Better and that too. RDS goes RDS-NouvellesNews. All newspapers will pay for their commercials to this station. This station will be seen across Canada with the news video and when the commercials shows up (time) every province will show their promotions if any. All newspapers will have their own little commercial in a provincial divisions just like the past we did not get the US commercials – it can happen again.

Overheard at Bishop Bar: Drunk woman tells Bartender: They did not permit JFKjr to be the President and that idiot CEO who knows who the fuck does she think she is. She went and put on a C.V. underneath hobbies: Racist aubouttt. Do you think that she’ll get the job?

Bartender: Biggest mistake that he would have been the President – he doesn’t want. That’s a position that’s stressful and he cannot handle it. His former wife could have just written his speeches and improvise she works with permanent learning disabilities and all the steve jobs who go nowhere publicly. Undercover work maybe but nothing written on the new gadgets of user manual.

Drunk woman: She wouldn’t get the job. She would send them a letter and call them prejudice because she has a hobby called racist? Copy to the judge. Which one is worse racist or prejudice. The judge will answer back – prejudice since he has no evidence.

Jan 9 2017

Overheard at Bishop Bar: Drunk woman tells Bartender:  Everyone should adopt the Irish philosophy – do not talk about religion. Do not talk about sex. Do not talk about politics. When asked about my beliefs – I am a writer. You?

Bartender: I raise a glass to my beliefs and I second the motion.

Overheard at Bishop Bar: Drunk woman tells Bartender:  CEO of IBM wants kids and adults to enjoy Binoculars Zoom Video Sound Record send to: by default or programmation.

Bartender: Ask Microsoft they may already have it at $2000. For sure, she’ll bring it down to about $200.

Drunk woman: How many people will have it?

Bartender: It depends. Knowing her so far – it’s connected to many of her toys and gadgets or else she wouldn’t do it. Apple has a watch but won’t take anything but a few – could you imagine that she got herself a Trek conduct bone wireless and almost smashed it like fake glass.

Drunk woman: Oh yeah, she could not find a chip. It said that she can skip? What’s skip?

Bartender: if those are the instructions she either got ripped off or that’s all it does. It should have skipped all kinds of radio or / and tv station on digital as well and she couldn’t find it. So she said what a rip off.

There are no stigma for IBM – they are called recognizable differences in disabilities as well as they are challenging in their order and disorder.

When iCloud happens I want an index of table of contents known features

Index contains: Matches of applications functions

Ability to remove the superflus of what I really do not use anymore

Download date with publishers

Ability to refuse downloads and sent to iCloud Management (enters Securities)

iCloud Securities with site email textmessage

Can one download application be very similar to another? Yes.

Radio CJAD has a download and so has Q or VirginRadio.

What would be the difference? Call letters and addresses. The rest is pretty much in similarity. Can they enter in conflict for the user? No, Yes?

Are you prepared for the NO and the eventual YES?

IBM has only hard disk downloads with IBM-Publisher. GPS only Country’s Publisher accepted. Detect and send to GPS security – Serpent colours for 1 Monarchy and its territories. Each territory other than ex: England – cuts/shapes of repeated patterns of colours every colour other than England will be in the primaries at a certain grade nuance of the colour and repeated – if England has 10 territories – 10 different colours and repeated

xxxxxxxXxxxxxXxxxxxxX = monarchy securities.

Drones Detections Radar Colours of GPS + other components demarqué

January 9, 2017

Overheard at Bishop Bar: Drunk woman tells Bartender: Got pictures shots in my brain like hot flashes – can’t wait to share with others.

Bartender: Let’s see, the King of wherever proposed to you and he looks like the Prince of Italy – what’s his name?

Drunk woman: Principo Azurro.

Jan 6, 2017

Overheard at Bishop Bar: Drunk woman tells Bartender: The NEW Queen stated that all participants in the unwanted clean-up of Canada and New England are to be given a sentence to be announced and determined equal to their deeds.

Bartender: That’s a lot of sentencing.

Drunk woman: When a woman says that believe that there is a lot of work she doesn’t want to do herself letting participants do it for her – rain or shine. She heard some want it to rain – so be it.

Bartender: Did you hear that Osama bin Laden has a son?

Drunk woman; I don’t believe that he will pose that big threat anymore – who knows what education brought on to the grandchildren of these nations.

Overheard at Bishop Bar: Drunk woman tells Bartender: Dis you see what she looks like?

Bartender: Vomit. Blackwell would say if she is the best designer on this planet – everyone would pay for her inventions and innovations Future Today

Drunk woman: I cannot understand why Innovation has to be at the mercy of idiots.

Bartender: That’s why you don’t understand. Do you have the dictionary for idiots?

Drunk woman: Must be Dictionary for Idiots Dummies.

Overheard at Bishop Bar: Drunk woman tells Bartender: I cannot wait for the day Hydro Quebec sells me all those things that can reduce my cost of electricity – light bulbs, solar battery electrical blocks, light switches revisited electronically inclined, solar power outdoors and solar power indoors starting with blocks of batteries rechargeable from my windows where light/sun filters in big way. How much? A few per room are free. Then the rest will be delivered and charged per household. The beauty of these batteries rechargeable – it is portable.

Bartender: It’s a woman CEO at Hydro Quebec – she is so stupid.

Drunk woman: I don’t believe that everyone knows that yet. When they discover they’ll be a little bit angry that she was in exile for so long unable to promote her organisation and to be with people of her levels in intelligence. Not much left out there – the rest went down to her former’s husband level (= -) that stinks. She wished it would suck for a change like suck some of the intelligence back into the socket.

Overheard at Bishop Bar: Drunk woman tells Bartender:  Did you hear Michelle Obama about education that it could bring you to becoming a President? I know what the new Queen said: Get educated at whatever level first of all you can always go back to education second of all – you always have something to fall on.

Bartender: How old is this new Queen.

Drunk woman: She would love those numbers reversed – only Elizabeth II may understand her and if Italy had a King or a Prince – only him then if Juan Carlos of Spain would hear her – only him. Not too many understand : Youth Wisdom Beauty – maybe Asians.

Bartender: All in all only America the Great is really green and wet behind the ears to put it politely.

Overheard at Bishop Bar: Drunk woman tells Bartender:  What 2017 may bring on to people in (Jupiter enhanced Swirl – mild swirl Neptune Pluto) Physics planifying and mapping on earth with NASA – good beginnings start happening. What does a swirl equal to on earth? What does lightening equal too in space. So on and so forth.

Bartender: Don’t they do that already?

Drunk woman: Then its in that experimental stage and believe me there is a lot of waste and money down the drain when they keep their minds focused on one result never thinking on what else can we get with it – modify its appearance, texture even consistency?

Overheard at Bishop Bar: Drunk woman tells Bartender: 2017 started off on a good foot for all mixed races. All that sympathy and all. I am not going to cave in to it. You either like the person or you just don’t – is it that chemistry at first sight? I really don’t give a freaking shit what it’s called. If the other person feels it – question arises – why does that person shy away instead of asking something. Then that person may ask something starting with is it because of my race? I just want to reply: MAYBE just to make that person leave then I think again: MAYBE it’s me. Tomorrow I’ll be better. I’m not feeling good today.

Bartender: You did that years ago trying to tell people that you saw through them making you suffer anyway.

Drunk woman: Today they return into that sympa-mode. I am freaking fed up of all people on this planet.


Jan 5, 2017

18hA1 Overheard at Bishop Bar: Drunk woman tells Bartender: When it comes to new government – let the thoughts speak out for me. They had a way of invading under the nose of many countries. They had their turn incognito that is – it will be high time for them to come on out and speak up – tell everyone in North America part of US and Canada  the force behind Justin Trudeau.

Bartender: No way josé. It won’t happen that way now. Fidel Castro gone – Korea got minced – the new wave never entered in those two countries. It cannot happen.

Drunk woman: Of course not. That would have been too logical. Let this group of people in a big mass continue and bring on the new trends along with the influences they can command selon them. The new Queen has been left incapacitated for sure a replacement can be found.

D1h56 Overheard at Bishop Bar: Drunk woman tells Bartender: Asian Politicians are funny – very intelligent like a rock it won’t expand anymore yet they know how to calculate certain aspects and adversities quickly. Predictions are against Asians – Intelligence removed all tact diplomacy and productive approaches for their countrymen. Wars will happen hopefully not as we knew it insightfully expecting its refinement in its sophistication. US cried after – China was happy. Both had one thing in common – how to save a dollar and how to make a dollar sacrificing health and government management. Enter the Dragon. It shall prove to be interesting.

Bartender: Asian are known to be intelligent. They did not retaliate in 1945. Russia did not retaliate in 1963.

Drunk woman: They saved the best for this woman. She sees through it all without understanding yet she reminds them of Asian Wars. Find out what brought you there then let me know she said with a touch of sarcastic wisdom.

January 4, 2017

Overheard at Bishop Bar: Drunk woman tells Bartender: Politicians are funny take Donald Trump who talks about poorly educated to radio broadcaster who talks about whatever happened to education.

Bartender: Sounds the same to me.

Drunk woman: They’re both fucking stupid if it sounds the same. It’s not the same. Poorly educated is nothing close to non-educated close to being ignoramus. Education follows the resources and developments in the said country. More the country is developed more education caters to the present and future developments in their strategies.  Underdeveloped countries are less educated while Europe and America are a little more educated – we lack of foresight. It seems that we Canada and US permit our Universities and Colleges to exaggerate the needs of the country. We need lots of nurses. We need lots of doctors we need lots of lawyers etc. so on and so forth.

Bartender: Then I can’t wait for the new Queen to show up. She can tell the difference faster than us. Never give overqualified tools to underqualified personnel.

Overheard at Bishop Bar: Drunk woman tells Bartender: IBM working on Magic of Colours in projections and 3D then more TBA (TBA she either won’t reveal or still thinking on it)

Bartender: Magic of Colours huh wassthat?

Drunk woman: It goes hand in hand with the Aura of Mysteries. Become your own Sherlock Holmes duh?!?!

Overheard at Bishop Bar: Drunk woman tells Bartender; I cannot believe that the CEO of IBM has to be ancazzata even so early 2017. She was reading on why give to FB your cell number SMS code reply.

C’est pourquoi la seule façon qu’ils utilisent pour vous joindre et confirmer votre identité, est de VOUS demander la permission d’entrer en communication avec vous. Leur idée? Que vous leur donniez votre numéro de téléphone afin de vous envoyer un SMS.

She cried out : Hey fuckheads. Send your cellphone incognito with ****and a few numbers here and there. Let FB sort it out in their data banks. If my number is 5***8*7**2 then my password is whatever** its because its camouflaged inside my email address used to open site FB.

Bartender: I hope she doesn’t monopolise in all the securities it’s the same phenomena when she heard George Michael was gay. She cried out not that I’m in love but what’s left out there for women to drool on?

Prediction for Justin Trudeau: Born leader in the making under the influence of a charmig man (his father) when times were bountiful while capital and interests ruled. Because it was in high development this influence remained as one of the best PM of Canada. Today, Justin Trudeau has the influence minus the experience. Do parents give children less of a hard time when money rules in their household – not sure. 
Recommendations: Surround yourself with people who are directing themselves in a quasi-same orientation. Be the Capricorn Leader and others will either be able to keep up with you or you will have to find who can keep up with your materialistic demands – work jobs and ability to command a price while the dollar gains strength and not power.

Weakness: Leadership has a knack to trust that others will see what needs to be done hiding their talents inside the paper and print of their diplomas. Their savoir-faire is sometimes not even worth more than the paper it is printed on.

Strength: Live and learn while always keeping an eye on the challenge.

What you missed at Bishop Bar last night:

Drunk woman tells Bartender: It’s time to revise gift giving for adults who don’t have much only debts with technology. Bell, Fido, Telus and Rogers to name a few all have Gift Cards. Get them those cards – it shall be used said the Spirit of the Minkey in Kubo.

Bartender: It could happen. Most people have SO MANY CARDS. Too bad a person cannot just give out phone number of whatever technology of the recipient and buy the Gift card and pay the bill tout de suite – they shall get a note on their Cellular – your bill for TV Fibe Satellite went down by $50 thanks to your mother.

Drunk woman: It could be done – we have to wait for the Spirit of the Minkey to finish the conference summit with the CEO IBM-TES. She’s thinking Newton today.

What you missed at Bishop Bar last night: Messages from the Queen.

January 1, 2017 for most of us means the beginning of a New Year.

I would like to ask everyone to start thinking SELF. What can I do for SELF.

Take a blank sheet and divide it 2 with a vertical line in the middle. Therefore turn it landscape view.

On the left write all the Self that you know of. Then look it up in the dictionary.

From all the Self you know write if you did it and how many times before you saw a little measure of satisfaction and if you are going to continue and why.

Then from the dictionary – write down your resolution.

No matter how we cut it – Horscope Zodiac Signs start somewhere in the 3rd week of the month and end somewhere in the 3rd week of the month except for a few that never make it to the 3rd week and then some.

You have weaknesses. Find them. Only fix by re-inforcing a few or only one at the time. It takes around 3 to 6 months to ESTABLISH a HABIT good or bad.

Bartender: I’m getting that paper out.

Drunk woman: Take two or three. Experiment.

Lunch hour at Bishop Bar:

Drunk woman tells Bartender: Hey listen here. Define Conjunction: the action or an instance of two or more events or things occurring at the same point in time or space. Are we living it on earth from space or we just don’t have a sense of order and convergence compared to our Galaxy?

Bartender: Ask NEWTON – his spirit may be gravitating on us. Weighing us down. Unable to think talk or meet somewhere in time and space just like that. We must call each other just to hang up on one another.

Drunk woman: My former husband said WE never talk.

Bartender: Someone else in the horizon perhaps.

Drunk woman: Something else and someone else for sure.

Overheard at Bishop Bar :

Drunk woman tells Bartender : I had this weird dream the new Queen is about to financially strangle me. Then she told me you are going to learn the word NO. You are going to learn the word moderation. You are going to learn to care starting from you within you. You are going to learn self-respect. Or die trying. WorldVision will make you believe that you are worse off then them. Ciao foundations, charity and volunteer work. You’ll be able to tell the difference when NO is welcomed versus sure one more time and how high should I jump in this bandwagon.

Bartender: There goes BING financially inclined full of insights. Who will have a job?

Drunk woman: If you paid attention – worldvision is better off. Duh?!?! I think.