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Welcome Back 🙂  I am working frantically at re-establishing our relationship. As you all know by now what is no longer there makes room for what's to come.  I have to admit that I did have ideas to revamp my blog and now I have all the opportunities to do so right here on a WP platform.  It is quite different always keeping me in awe  just looking at  how much technology advanced.

On this website, subscribers and visitors will find a little of everything. Please do visit each tab as they become available or filled with content such as:

  • Reviews only and Reviews/Giveaways
  • Quick & Easy Recipes
  • How-To's and DIY
  • Seasonal Shopping & Topics
  • Please request jobs in Comment Box – leave email.
  • Translation – Blog Content – Creative Writing – GhostWriting 
  • Rates depending on needs. Ask. 

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