I cannot stand activism I prefer doers 

Mr. Trudeau seems to be so fucking busy posing for some fucking magazine. Good for him. I am here waiting to make money for something that will take me a few hours of instruction to gather data of status quo Homeless Canada per Province and Territories.

#1 Count per Province and Territories.

#2 Foundations Investments towards Homeless

#3 Foundations Investments towards Special Education 

#4 Files Folders for every homeless to date as best as possible.

#5. Please do contact me.


Yes, I do charge fees – apparently the Government has laws and charges administrative fees in order for any citizen to receive I.D. Permits and License this is just the tip of the surface of a platitude plateau of their fucking stupidity.

Let's start with homeless and needy.

If I can't do it – at least everyone will know what kind of spectacle Justin Trudeau is copying if not me, who?Troubleshooters want you to thrive and succeed. 

Hire the best.

Why use a troubleshooter – people in big businesses sometimes cannot see where to turn – their administration is fautive. They call in a troubleshooter. He waltzes in and sees what is going on. Therefore he has an opened book of the said company. 

Then he starts with his analysis with the data he has received and asks them to listen in and see what they are ready to do first. Would you believe that the first thing they do is downsize the administration first and add computers? 

Hire an accountant from a firm. Hire the strength of a man with strong communication skills. Hire the strength of Marketing. You possibly have the right products but the wrong way of communication verbally, written and on your products.

$ pay me and thank you.


Oh boy, you sure is lost.

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