Lisa Adriana Novilia Grillo or LANG I am an author, writer and blog-stylista who just enjoys social activities. I started a few years ago continuously finding ways to adapt my style as a blogger and writer with media(s) and social communities. I am enjoying this journey immensely and wish to convey this message to anyone with an objective: begin today even if not knowing where it will lead you and how fast it will get you there as you may have only a few doors to open or many. AG-LANG

Is It Time for a New Computer?

Eventually, your system will no longer be able to handle today’s increasingly complex technology. My computer is around 12 years old. Time for a new one. Why? Electronics updating. It’s like saying yes to the old light bulbs on the ceiling only, about ficty years ago. Many want lights and many will go a little …

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Snoopy & Woodstock Writers

Say it on a Canvas! If pictures tell one thousand words, USE Snoopy. Role model of all cartoons. At least, in my mind.

Biblical Views for Believers or Not by LANG

February 24, 2018 No Revision – July 28, 2018 After God created the Earth, HE proceeded with Communication. Communication is very important. Not necessarily the words we learn, talk to yourself. Praying, meditating and reflection on behaviours.  Our body is full of NeuroTransmitters. NeuroTransmitters communicating with other parts of our organism, micro-organisms.  COMMUNICATION MUST BE …

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