Most older women may faint at this post possibly even to the point of trying their creativity. Cannot just look at eggbread and bagel dough and think always "staple" "OldFashion"

OldFashion will not change. Old Fashion for me is preparing foods at their very best for a glorious experience. 

I want to see the design with old fashion.

Shaping foods with known recognised quality products for intense experience to become at times a centerpiece for conversation.

I have prepared bagels. Method is to shape into ring and drop into water with some oil and salt and honey or molasses or sugar whatever I would have on had.

What about a STEAMER. 

Big large pot


Water Salt Honey Molasses Sugar

Place stuffed bagels and turn once in a while on top of steam. (I never tried it but would like to.) Then place in hot oven for baking?

What shapes can we master for visual appeal as well as that old fashion taste.

I eat bagels with just about anything when its really good. Even French paté, French or/and English Gourmet Cheeses.

Bagel is a good bread and I'm always looking for a way to give it to my kids without saying – not that again. 

I have a son who lives in China and wouldn't complain too much when presented with different or a variety of side dishes.

Best of luck for the guy with the widest imagination.

Bon Appétit

Food Psychologist LANG

N.B. Israel is not as stupid as we may think or see sometimes. Japan suffered as well but when it comes to designing shaping foods with great produce they take the CAKE. May the competition start. Israel vs Canada vs USA. Which one will come up with something really trendy using known foods with Bagels. Gordon Ramsay started a show – I got disimpressed. Never told audience the list of ingredients – the time – the presentation as main or side dish or even desserts.

*3 countries – same bagels and all the produce known including that famous Old Fashion Smoked Meat we enjoy so much in Montreal and at home. Do Eggbreads too. Make it main entry, make it as a side dish and make it as a dessert. Eggbreads Bagels that go places.

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