February 24, 2018

No Revision – July 28, 2018

After God created the Earth, HE proceeded with Communication.

Communication is very important. Not necessarily the words we learn, talk to yourself. Praying, meditating and reflection on behaviours. 

Our body is full of NeuroTransmitters. NeuroTransmitters communicating with other parts of our organism, micro-organisms. 



Earth has stopped crying for attention. Waters have become stagnant. Re-Production of water creatures went down. And, Jesus showed men how to fish and where to fish using nets. Food returned. Water returned. Bread returned. Meat returned. Yes, even taxes returned full force. 

Jesus recommended to give to the Government. The Government will redistribute. He never said when this would happen, He knew. 

The last 11 years were a little excruciating for many even for myself. I had a hard time with my health in a big way. It started in December 2006. I started with micro-strokes. I had a hard time walking around. Then Christmas evening, I got up to look at my sister who was at the sink. I said something to walk away. People all around. I fainted. I was a drunk. Okay so be it. I am a drunk.

Then, months went by with the same feelings, micro-strokes. Finally, I was called home – someone said – This is your mother. Something will happen to you then nothing more. I woke up and I had a problem. 

The nurse had a hard time taking me to the hospital. She was so annoyed. I guess I interrupted her sexual appetite. She was in the midst of orgasming or something like that. Carole is her name. Nice woman. This woman told me that her son has been afflicted with schizophrenia and she had to put him away. She treated her client (me) the same way. She was so fucking annoyed. 

Years went by to only reveal that all is status quo. Why are people still suffering in the hands of nurses like Carole, doctors who remind patients of their luck, bikers who adopt children after they go to court, removals of child benefits instantly to never have them back when times are rough?

Is the Government always at fault? Yes, no. People who work for the governments are at fault. I got all child benefits removed 30 years ago. The Government calls me 20 years later to ask me how I survived on the little that I have. I told the cunt, I live out of prostitution and food my family gives me. She hung up. I never saw cheques for my children. She did not know I had 3 children? You mean that you can go back in years to rectify certain oversights and contributors cannot say a word? When the Government retracts it won't retract and retro any payments either. Only what benefits them. 

I will no longer vote. I will no longer be grateful to anyone who will give me something out of the goodness of their hearts. It's false. I asked many who could hear me… Do you know or did you know I am suffering? Some said yes, some said that they were not suffering therefore I asked: How do you cope. The answers I got were so pathetic.

For people who heard or have read the Bible. God created us. God left us. People still ask if there is a God why is HE permitting this.

Finally, those days, those questions will be answered. Not now, yet, those days are creeping up on us. God will never answer my prayers if I asked HIM to help me. No. I still believe that maybe not I but you. Do not give up on the Bible's words. God has created us and we are created into HIS image. Not everyone. Only a few at the time. God works in mysterious ways for us. I say: Live long enough and find out. 

Rev Billy Graham is no longer preaching. I was not too impressed while he impressed millions. I saw how many attended his services or sermons. Millions. It was not what he said – it was the way he said it. I am not sure. I saw no humour only that if I do not go by the book, I shall perish. I never listened that long. 

Reflection: Parents who tell their children, you're 18 it's time to leave. Where did they get that? Usually, these kids are not the best ever in nature. Then there are parents who are plain stupid. Bottom line – most children have lived all kinds of deprivations. Are we to say that everyone falls into one of these 2 categories? 

Some children had great parents and comparing is not my forte. These same children are pure evil. Food, shelter, education and relationships – still they are plain evil. Like George Bush said on National TV. Iraq and the Evil Ax. I laughed. I only replied: That means that 90% of the world shall die, when, soon? He got 2 shoes thrown at him. Evil Ax?

Who are these countries who should role model to? Empress died. Most people do not know who she was. Rebels may be alive now. Who will be their leaders. The making of more rebellion. Sure. 

At this moment, I believe that the 2 prophets – Jesus Christ and Mohammed cannot be here with us in their own ways. We do not live the same times. We know more today than those years, thousands of years ago. 

Ignorance is not a BLISS but it can be when it comes to Rebels of the Unknown.

Hopefully, some of you will never know what suffering is all about. Nationwide. Unless people convince these rebels that these 2 or 3 countries to role model to do exist. Rebels have no clue what all this fighting and suffering are for? Who are we suffering for? Why so long? If those 2 or 3 countries do exist, how good are they knowing that we in North America are suffering? 

Rebels do not become rebels just because they had ONE dream. Nope. Harassment, suffering, removals, mental illnesses, poverty while being capable of autonomy and independence, the Governments were never there for many. 

CAPABLE were rejected. CAPABLE were never given choices. 

I cannot forgive and forget. Show me those countries who are above the rest of us, especially, a young nation(s) such as Continent of America? Even after this war is over, who are we going to trust as a country to trade with? Did they know we were suffering? Europe went through wars. North America went through wars prior World War I just like the rest of the world. We are the products of Europe. All of a sudden, we are going to change? Adopt whose methods?

Think it over – Reflect on your moves.

I shall never forgive. Forget about what was and what shall be.



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