Big Dependencies Big Losses I need help.


Dear Dr. LANG,

My life is surrounded by negativity. I drink and smoke drugs. I say I can stop whenever I want and I don't know how and when that will happen. How can I do that?

A. Whatever you do that takes you away from responsibilities is a dependency. Compulsive behaviour could be a disorder. Start by consulting a doctor dealing with compulsive behaviours. Drinking and drugs go hand in hand. Seeing that you are losing out in the best of what life can bring means that you're not so far gone. You can still talk about your habits dependencies and you can still talk about what you were able to do and what you cannot do any longer. Do not be so harsh on yourself. Take a good look around. Write it down on a piece of paper. Your humble beginnings at work, a family and new family (marriage and children) new work and nicer bank account. Then split the page in 2 with a vertical line. The other side no need to write down the habits of dependencies (do not be so harsh on yourself you know them) just write down the decline and since when did you really notice. Most people on this planet (even millionaires born into it) have a hard time with keep that same profit balance. Decline is when you never show a good balance only red numbers you owe. Self-assess. Am I at the right place? What counts more? If I don't make money and drugs are legal can I enjoy them as much as alcohol since it is already legal but it does have conditions. Can I just write it down and start with this self-treatment:

2 x 16 oz of water before booze any amount in one 4 oz glass.

2 x 16 oz of heavy cinnamon or mint water before drugs?

Drink waters plain or with added cinnamon or mint – then drink your booze and not more than 4 oz of hard spirits at the time. Always have that water first.

It's not easy. I know. It can be done. Then you don't have to get rid of your dependencies – sometimes you get to realise which booze you prefer and which weeds you are best served with and never pay overprice for same value.

Drunks and Druggies always get ripped off since they're so doped to even realise it only when they have no more money for their habits. 

Good Luck.

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Dr. LANG answers.  January 10, 2017