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nuNAAT Silicon Restoration Review

What a marvelous treatment I received from nuNAAT. A real treat for my hair, ah, it started to be just for my hair until astonishing results surfaced.

After 3 shampoos with NAAT Silicon Healthy Restoration Fortifying Shampoo, the results amazed many, including myself.
This creamy shampoo feels like silk and a little goes further than most shampoos on long hair like mine. I also used their NAAT Silicon Protective Leave-In giving my hair a brilliance and softeness without any heaviness. On the third trial, I used NAAT Silicon Moisturizing Hair Mask and it is *recommended to use twice monthly in lieu of the conditioner. My hair had improved in a big way, so much that Lisa who is a hair stylist from Vancouver decided to put nuNAAT through a few tests.

nuNAAT-Silicon   In conclusion, curls or not to curls here you can witness what simple applications can do for hair in a matter of six weeks, if your hair was as damaged as ours.  Jessica, photo below, gets her hair bleached. Great results can be seen after three applications of nuNAAT Silicon Shampoo, one application of nuNAAT Silicon Hair Mask and of course, nuNAAT Silicon leave-in conditioner and serum when needed.  


The pros: All in all, I recommend this brand as it does contain ingredients like Ceramides and Keratin plus shine enhancers like Silk and Pearl Proteins that will strengthen, restore, nourish hair and promote a shine of health. A brilliance never seen before.  Lustrous hair this great and no need to go to a salon now, it is affordable and economical.


 The cons:  nuNAAT must be used wisely when trying on your hair.  Start with caution since very little goes a long way as conditioner and serum and hair mask go.  When I first tried it my hair went oily and I really didn’t like it. Therefore, the rule of the thumb is to follow directions and use a little less than recommended and your hair will revitalize as you always wanted it to be. For Curly Hair: There is a new addition in the nuNAAT family – Real Me  You got curls then flaunt them with ingredients that will make your hair shine such as five oils extracted from nuts, fruits and green collagen to fully nourish and hydrate your hair.