The BRAIN our coordination our faculties our brain functions are so important. Abilities must be developped and learned at individual pace. People cannot all perform on other peoples' timing. How to understand as a psychologist and/or psychiatrist that today's time may not be the patients' time.

Understanding the mind is not as complicated as it once seemed. We have Encyclopedias and that famous Mythology that everyone in Science needed to listen to read and write to. Remember? If not, you were not in Science University Classes. Please refrain from reading. I have nothing to sell. 

Our SubConscious stores memories fed by our consciousness. Why 2 levels of same storage? One retains right away while the other retains all the time. Alzheimer is like that. It needs to be understood. Can Alzheimer sockets be refilled revived, yes, it can happen. 

Dispersed memory is possible after all we are in a growing city growing demands may they be for the worst "burden" department or may they be in "regeneration" department. 

Regathering Regrouping our memory is possible according to CEO of IBM-TES. Whatever Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and others of that caliber put togeher our body can mimick. What brought those creative juices to the ScriptWriters Producers Editors Directors of Star Trek / Star Wars (2 of known to me) together? It is in a mass once in a lifetime. It may last one century with known factors because we are living fortunate times – Future Now. Media was going to make sure that we all know that Jesus Christ's return may be very destructive with the why? I don't know now.

How pure is pure. For people who don't know. Jesus Christ had a temper when provoked. Had a sense of orientation when it came to humanity and was well versed because He took the time to understand all of us that many said that he empathised. Yes, He has been able to empathise but then His Father did leave. We are to fend for ourselves. Can we make it when God (so that would be HIS name) could not be understood and HIS Son could not get anyone to stand for him and tell everyone that HE was in power only if He the son could make you understand. Failure after failure is like 2 negatives doesn't make a positive. Whatever the philosophies it will never change the past.

No matter what research says everyone has to see that in order to make place for renewal it needs to be stretched then self-cloned. Just like that saying goes: Take it with a grain of salt.  Stretch the area and use different seeds it shall grow as per your specs. SPECS was a new word because it was abbreviated from specifications. 

Have a great day. Life is worth Living.

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