Everyone's Mind (at least in the Media) is on Waste.

We got a new Mayor for Greater Montreal Area who is not concerned about Waste and Charity Donations Funds continuously working against each other. 

All the Grocery Stores or most of them offer prepared foods for sales.

All the Grocery Stores or most have Fruits Vegetables Meats Fish and other Produce Grains nearing their Expiry Dates.

An inspector of Food and Health Administration is to visit with his personnel all stores. 

Every store has to fill in forms, yes, new forms when it comes to spoilage.

Every store has an idea of which foods go first.

Before it goes Reduced "sales" for Quick Sales – take inventory.

A list of Shelters Homes Foster Homes ReHabilitation Homes nearby are given.

Cook up using these foods about to expire. Make sure it is not spoiled. Remove all pieces not fit for cooking. Cook up and prepare. Distribute in containers. Every container has to have only one ingredient. Just broccoli and cheeses. Just cabbage with tomatoes. Prepared with ingredients nearing Expiry Dates.

Tax Credits are under Revision

Charity Credits are under Revision

Money and Produce are working against each other.

This new Mayor talks about Pit Bulls and Calèches Horses Abuse. 

I talk about reality. We are working against a hard place and a rock.

This approach is a new approach that is never discussed on the radio.

I never heard our Prime Minister mention any of these measures and new advanced approaches.

Containers at the Grocery Store?

Yep. Pile them up. Put your produce in the containers. Then place them wherever they go at home. Bags, no more plastic. For the time being whatever is out there will be distributed until washables-reusables are given out for free to paid depending on how many times bags are forgotten since reward cards can give the store manager the correct data on how many bags were sold. 

Dollar Stores? Bags and Containers.

Videos on how consumers can contribute without seeing bankruptcy.

When a consumer brings their bags, containers, the consumer donates via Foods about to Expire into containers to be distributed to Shelters Homes Foster Homes etc…

Recuperation of containers when delivering fresher foods.

A system that can see the light of day because contributors will exist without feeling the burden the guild that go with I cannot give and I do not feel like giving.

No bags? Pay. Everywhere is the same till stock expires.

Boxes – free till stock expires. Remember the old days? 

Milk to other Beverages Juices included

Meats Fish cooked only to give away.

Making it look appealing as if it were to be delivered to a customer.

by order of the Human Law.

Stop working against each other. Spoilage vs Charity.

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