Nothing more annoying than kids not wanting to eat because it's just too boring.

Colourful foods need fusions. 

One cannot always eat cake looking like a rainbow but the rest is fine. It takes food colouring sometimes to change cauliflower mashed simili potatoes. Add red and yellow, experiment with colours – its not the worst thing to add in your foods once in a while.

Forecast – Thai will lose out in these colourful trends. Grill cheese will be the centerpiece of conversation. Cake I've seen it before. Cauliflower of pink yellow blue or violet – what's that? Taste it? Nah!

Serving mashed vegetables with certain colour appeal, is it possible that it may be eaten? 

The best way to find out is the moment you prepare it in the colours most preferred by your children. Also, mold it in shapes. Add cheese and broil to melt.

Good Luck.

Food is as trendy as your creativity.

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