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I was listening to the radio this morning. Talk on Motorisation Dementia Alzheimer and Action taken by caregivers or family members.

Subject 2017-28-07 was Cars Removals – Placement

I listened as much as I could. I still will say the same thing. Do these broadcasters remember about the innovations plastered all over the media?

"Let's take that famous MicroChip that has no GPS but computer businesses have a way of gathering your data – all of it. And, we have that famous self-driven cars. I heard that Sweden is doing it and some business people want their staff to have it if they want it not the car but the MicroChip Implant that gathers all the data."

It is an implant that is placed between your thumb or/and fingers like index. Okay fine, that is not really the biggest problem or solution. Then we have the person affected with a neurological condition such as dementia. 

You be the judge now. Who has a difficulty with remembering the subjects of discussion with their listeners? Me or the broadcasters.

I do not regret no knowing the name of that fucked up cunt who told the broadcaster that people with dementia do not pass go – head for jail sentence according to the texting the broadcaster read to her.

Text: my father wants to stay home feeling the stairs keep him there younger or something in that nature. What to do.

The cunt answers – definitely he needs to leave 

I said: what a fucking cunt how fast do you want this man out. Most professionals talk like that.

Me (fucking idiot no diplomas whatsoever)

Dear listener: you said that your father feels the stairs are doing him good. Customised ramp made my someone handy in construction could place one that stands out from the wall more tilting towards the middle of the stairs – your father will have to wear shoes and use the ramp because the insurance company will be able to compensate should an accident arrive.

So I ask anyone who reads this – what the fuck did I say to this listener that may make his father fear and start really disliking his children? Well, I am certain that the answer she gave to him was enough to make any older person feel persecuted by society. I am so much of a burden they just want me out of their way.

My way makes the olde person realise the facts on insurance – so he may try to respect that one keeping him more in check. Second, the ramp may not be to his liking but that's what the insurance company wants in case of a slip wear shoes too. Respect for the laws of the insurance may do wonders just there.

Of course, should that older person not be able to assimilate with all this is a just cause for placement – the man is too far gone. What's worse than dementia – not acting but then again – it depends on a few factors – has he been seen by a neurologist geratrics who recommends placement?

If broadcaster would have contacted me.

Text Answer: first, neurologist geriatrics recommendations then stairs ramps customised with shoes with right reasoning insurance.

Car removal that fucking cunt said to say to the older person that it is out for repairs. The insurance company wants to stop insuring you. Is that the case Madame who noticed bumps on cars or your mother never bothered with the insurance? 

Find out first if whoever you LOVE is starting to doubt everything that is out of character and not in his character. 

When a person has a character of doubting he is more careful when it comes to insurance. When a person is reacting dubious when it is out of character, the insurance company is a fucking idiot. Of course he is too far gone she is too far gone.

What are you going to do when someone you love has to be placed because of dementia. My answer: if the person you love still feels that she is forgetful get the SpockConnect Computer – if she wants to use it – she is not too far gone. If she doesn't want to use it – chances – she is too far gone. Then the answer to what to do if someone you love is disconnected from reality – not to worry, they are disconnected. What they will do at home they will do in another confinement – is it a form of phobia. Ask Dr. LANG. 

See what she has to say CEO IBM-TES. 

AG LANG Writes 

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