This post* has no reverence for Nostradamus

Excuse my French

A subject wellknown to set the difference between Mediums talking to Dead People and factual subjects who existed and invented feeling so sure that they were in the right ERA.

Always go for what is (was) known with the facts or data that was entered in your textbooks or storybooks or encyclopedia.

BTW when you make it in encyclopedia it was possibly in an ERA when it was considered REMARKABLE. Lucky you.


August 18, 2017

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That person who's been eyeing you from across the room? Don't you dare stare back, or even crack so much as a grin if you're not interested. You're packing super- ultra- mega-sensual energies now, and it's no surprise others are picking up on them. Save yourself the trouble, and save them the heartache. Be sure you're only in the company of those you really want to be with.


Psychics Psychologists

When asking a psychic  psychologists to help reduce lifemade anxieties stressful times can seem a little lighter but it may not make everything go away. 

Horoscopes are good but not always the answer. Astrology is great but you are not the regressed Queen King Ruler Leader of 1248 or 1358 or 1455 or 1577 or 1608 or 1700 or 1881 or 1977. Regressed people regularly may not relive the same grandeur. Don't forget even if anyone was it was stated that you WAS when you died. You're not dead. You're reading this post. You are not that. 

A psychic psychologist will slowly recognise your strengths and weaknesses – be honest with this one. I heard one and I would tell you that I would possibly ask for a consultation. She was down to earth psychiatrist (so she says) 

FarFetched discussions with mental disorder is quite unique for psychiatry. The person is nuts. The person is hallucinating. Some may even reveal their fears because he sees himself in that future or whatever it could be called for people who don't understand my language, it would mean that ERA that previously existed. 

Nostradamus wrote. He wrote in ways many did not understand. Yet, many versions and interpretations were made because of his past to our present. He became a centerpiece of conversation with all its controversy. The man in black. The man who wore a hat. With pen and paper in hand – he told everyone that he could fly. Where was he? He was in his future that may have been it back then. Today, we see it that people enjoy sky diving, parachuting with yachts hanging in the air while being driven around the sky. Then we also have gliders.

What was yesterday is no longer present, the only difference is that Nostradamus was not aware. He only knew that he could fly. Openedmindness is a blessing – today, daredevils do tell you on TV "Don't do what you see on TV"

Was Nostradamus on TV back then? Or was he a man from the future. We do have people who travel with tanks and gliders. 

Isn't life worth living?

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