How-To-Voice-Out-Trash Pile-Up

April 20 2017 (a few days away from Earth Day, April 22.17)

Something to consider.

New DxO ONE at $669. is only a camera as attachment accessory department for compatible Apple iPhones. Using your iPhone you get a nice screen of whatever dimension the screen of the iPhone would be. So far, it’s minus the screen at $669. so I am reading trying to see if I can use it without an iPhone. Can it be used as a complimentary to a Nikon or Canon, let’s say.


It does mention that it’s a small camera giving out pure ecstasy breathtaking screen view. The advantage of this connection is as great or compatible as a real camera.


It has that sharing joy delight everyone enjoys. Just like that, take send via contacts on iPhone or iPads.


These are specs:

20,2 mégapixels

Capteur: CMOS – BSI 1 pouce

Diaphragme: f/1.8 ajustable jusqu'à f/11 (iris à 6 lames)

Longueur focale: 32mm (Equivalent plein format)

Plage ISO: de ISO 100 à ISO 51200 (Hi 2)

Vitesse d'obturation: 1/20000 à 30s

Zoom numérique x3

Vidéo: 1080p à 30 i/s – 720p à 120 i/s – Manuel 1080p à 30 i/s


That’s it, that’s all. This DxO cannot operate with attachment screen of its own to use without iPhone or/and iPads. I cannot even attach it to a simple camera to give it another angle(s) Taking photos as well as taking videos – take and send can be incorporated inside the tiny DxO Connect


Who is DxO One Connect ? He came out of nowhere supports Apple endorsed by Wall Street and Forbes. The dreamer who made it.

Okay. If you can afford to carry all these gadgets on you then you can afford to buy our briefcase backpack just to make sure you look as professional as possible. What a rip-off. You be the judge:


Image DxO One connect on Google Search Engine. Word of advice, start thinking sectional when buying iDevices. Not sure who they are these people that just bring out these little favourites in accessories at a price that will sell like hot cakes. It must. It has. He brought on more trash pile up for the government to dispose of. When is this going to take a serious angle? When our Governments ask manufacturers if you dish it out you got to know how to recuperate and recyle. Mandatory.








3 consecutive treatments of herbicide and these are the results.

Every year, I receive a few phone calls and they all say about the same things.

"A technician will be passing by to evaluate and estimate the cost of lawncare for your property."

Every year, the charges add because of the following reason:

"If you don't use other products, the treatments won't work to your satisfaction. You're the only property with these problems."

I walk around my city and I see nothing close to what the salesperson says. Dandelions are everywhere. Weeds flourish strong and beautiful better than if I would have planted them myself.

It is against the law to use fraudulent approaches conducting business under verbal agreement only. The consumer is unsatisfied and the businessman loses business – end results are that we are both losing time and money.

Club Gazon and Espaces Verts are to treat my landscaping FREE for the next 2 years or more until it's respectably green and free of chemicals according to the municipal laws.

I asked for chemical treatments but it seems that municipal laws ban such treatments and we, property owners, have to keep on spending money under false business pretenses. 

If Club Gazon and Espaces Verts cannot see the reason behind this logic, direct your complaints to the authorities in charges of such bans mentioned above.

Thank you for complying to the above guidelines 

Chrismas 1989205 Thomas Chapais

Boucherville, QC

J4B 1G1

Please do not call just repair the emotional damages encurred with your unceasing fraudulent false claims.



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