Is It Time for a New Computer?

Eventually, your system will no longer be able to handle today’s increasingly complex technology.

My computer is around 12 years old. Time for a new one. Why? Electronics updating. It’s like saying yes to the old light bulbs on the ceiling only, about ficty years ago. Many want lights and many will go a little more modern even if it costs more. Fortunately, it’s not the case of a computer.

Today, let’s take 2020 – a computer, laptop should last at least 7 years and maybe 10 years if not using more than communication, or, social media with emails. Only a few online websites for purchases.

Why I will choose Chromebook – at my age, I know that I will stick to only a few websites for my regular shopping. I also know how many friends I shall have and, I also know that two emails will be sufficient or at the most, 3 emails in case I get a little lucky with some contests online. I will reserve an email only for subscriptions I will not adhere to or even consider, I am there for the prize, yes?

Chromebook has come a long way, in its concentration, perhaps, the last 10 years. In an overall, let’s say 25 years, it came out to be a big winner when it come to specialization. First off, it’s the price. Under $500 all inclusive, that means keyboards, iPens where applicable and maybe speakers, 2 for each computer laptop. I would prefer a PC therefore I gave it a $500 high ranked price.

What can I specialize in at my age? Well, a blogger has no age. A recognized blogger has no age. It can be taught easily but needs nurturing just like a plant and a relationship.

In the event, only in this case, can I wait and apply as a blogger who knows something about North American products. At my age, more than half the population of North America will know what’s out there and it is all about. Because, computers are cheaper, faster, and more powerful than ever, Chromebook will be anyone’s best bet.

I will bet you anything that you will find most of your needs with Chromebook found here: