Activate Akismet (nah)

Akismet is one of the most valuable plugins for WordPress. You do not need to download it as it comes pre-installed with all WordPress installation. But you do need to activate it and get an API key. You can find out more about Akismet in our Akismet 101 Guide for WordPress Beginners. Without this, you have no chance against SPAM. Akismet does a great job in catching SPAM comments. Although sometimes good comments get filtered as SPAM, but you can always recover them by going through your SPAM comments regularly.

Pros Cons: 

Pros – this will benefit websites bloggers with very little traffic and very little comments replies. 

CONS: Would never recommend it for regular visitors and high traffic it will do just that – the more comments replies a high traffic website gets the more it may be filtered as SPAM.

KeyWords Count Pros: What a writer writes goes. Make your KeyWords count it will should reflect on your replies. After every post article the writer will edit the keywords meta per post page on every post and page. It will metadataword with eReader Search for Matches in Comment Replies in boxes.

Nofollow Comment Links: Sometimes new bloggers add plugins to remove nofollow attribute from comment author links. They think that by making these links dofollow they will be able to encourage more users to leave comments. 

Following CONS: if keywords content visit engines it wouldn't matter on nofollow or follow. It will still do the same damages making your visitors go elsewhere ever so slowly.

  • Reduce Comment Spam Using Cookies

  • Add Captcha Verification 

  • Disable Trackbacks 

  1. Disable Comments on Media Attachments (don't add this feature) add your email for attachments if desired.

  2. Another PASSÉ! Déjà-vu tool that will just get even the regular high traffic get frustrated. 

What is new? Bill Gates renewing SEO and SPAM or VIRUS Links. WordNo#. The link is attached in the letter or and the number. When keywords of replies comments do not meet the writers of the article or and posts it just doesn't post. It disappears. No reply. No Saving. It blocks Auto-Saving. 

Option exist: Give out your email for the box comments replies if not sure – it will go to view to be analysed by BING Securities.

Bill Gates is a little slow as he became the President of IBM-TES was so much into relying on his personnel to come up with innovation. Unlike Steve Jobs who in turn ran away just to sabotage Microsoft and Apple (yeah, his own business) which Paul McCartney also bought into it. 


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