Would you, the Government, appreciate my services?

What you see here – you have seen before.

What you see here – you patched it up with a few unattended shelters with doctors nurses on a budget – not complaining I do understand more than I let you know how it goes. Watch the last photo at the bottom – that's activism. All he says I don't want just money I want this to change and that's it. 

Really you fucking prick if yo know more than us first off you're hired to work here and take care of those changes that we all see should be affected – where would you start.

I'll start with what you see with each picture in the big frame above.

Then, I'll ask about their culture education knowledge.

Then, I'll ask about family issues

Then, I'll ask about addictions

Then, I'll ask if Health Professionals were in touch with them.

In somma, I would get the whole profile as each individual commands.

Because we have different mentalities that too or also will be taken into consideration.

For fees I shall be able to travel and try to accommodate each nationality with these difficulties with the government who wants it – like yesterday and not LATER. 

Education is knowledge – knowledge has never been applied for these easier than blowing a fucking birthday candle 

Do you know that I am confined able to work and wait for former husband to send me money when I am capable to work efficiently and quickly just to get out of your way while your nation is getting cleaned up from something so EASY and I won't beg for money. Buy foods at 50% because it's called a quick sale is okay. Why throw food? But begging my former husband for money after over 20 years of separation is nonsense. Thanks for reminding me why I tell you all to fuck off my brains and get yourself your own functional pairs. There are two sets per brain kit. I hope they prove to be functional.

Please take a moment before you judge this article and see what LANG does for a living during her confinement.

AG LANG Writes ***** http://www.ag-lang.com 

Thank you for giving me the pleasure of informing you.

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