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Does your relationship still ignite a flame

Do I still love myself – Drugs Alcohol Losses 


Am I confused about what I see and who I should be 

I had a break-up – when is the best time to search for love again

My work is getting to me, am I hallucinating when there could be a better job out there for me?

My relationship is going nowhere, how do I tell him/her to shit or get off the pot without starting an argument?

Are horoscopes that real?

Should I date someone older or younger?

Do men really enjoy sex as much as women do?

Are there any psychological tests I could rely on for self-assessments?

What's better lottery or Casino?

Do I need spiritual guidance and which one?

How do I lose weight?

Every January I am full of resolutions I never fulfill how do I counterattack this bad attitude towards myself?

How will I know what truly makes me happy and what I need to do to find out?

My life is in shambles don't know what to do or how to tackle it?