Self-Recognition Who are you? by LANG of IBM-TES

Who are you, we are going to talk about your character and personality.

We are going to be seriously involved in ourselves.

Who am I? I can be strong and resist to certain foods culprits with no definition in my life. I just ate them because I cannot afford better. Might as well go white. I was going to try out a few Chardonnays Aligoté – I'll let you know.

I'll find out with LENT 2017 starting March 1st to end April 13, 2017


I went without: Ice Cream, Chocolate, Red Wine.

I found my péché mignon – Ice Cream Pistachio. Got myself 3 containers. Almost finished – one is still full the other one 1/3 full.

Today, April 20, 2017 I resisted to and AGAIN: 




I ate Ice Cream:

Now I know my ABC and I'll stay away from the culprits I don't totally seriously enjoy just to have chocolate or wine because I cannot afford best of them.