Are we ready to trust Coleman – Masters of Camping Products?

Camping needs I would send anyone to Coleman Products, that's for sure. Who is behind Coleman with other expertise? Unknown. Recommendations are written here in the details – what is their guarantee and time of study – who give them the patent? Questions will arise. Why wouldn't you the consumer question – ignorance suffocating in novelty. It is brand new and Coleman became the expert. 

I do not trust it. I want more on details. I want Canadian Tire to put it all in a kit with menion : Sold separately for people who buy more than a certain amount using the same accessories extensible if that would be the case.

Why not to trust – because it is not proven quality performance yet. It takes years to find out what it emits around the user. Coleman has no detail on that subject. Environmental status consists of: ——— it was blank. 

Performance check it. Who in their right mind would write that detail truly believing that all consumers understand the mechanics of the whole concept? 

Buying online you say? If IBM-TES would come out with the colours identification I saw at Provigo – those idiots in charge would have to run away with the whole bunch of fucking idiots nagging in my thoughts. Must be all that remorse that echoes. What was coral became Bright Red. What was mint became Irish Green. What was yellow became the best golden bronze I have ever set my eyes on. The Assistant Manager did not want to take some stickers and put them where it should be to ease the fun of shopping. Who are the sponsors – you won't believe it. They are well-known brands – products we all use most of the times. So I say, the guy who put this together didn't see those colours, they just don't match. The guys who put in the stores, didn't see those colours don't match. I just said, take those stickers and put them where it belongs – those brands won't like it that they put their hard earned money BS – into ads at your store. If I were the owner of that Provigo I would get so angry at whoever printed those colours on the columns and on the stickers. I would tell every brand to start using their mechanics in their brain never to trust blindly to check their orders – what happened to all that? And, are you sitting down, I cannot get a fucking job. I want to let everyone know. You won't either. No woman, unless you are a capable widow. ID will tell employers if you qualify. The rest of women, kept women. Stay home to raise kids. I was not allowed to become an entrepreneur – they say, these women, discrimination. I say, never. It wasn't like that before. Most people fail in businesses out of 10 businesses it is guaranteed that 8 will fail. They will never be able to meet the payments at the bank. I wanted to open then I went for mystery shoppers and I had tears in my eyes that one day I would be able to have my own business. I could not even get anyone to work for for secretarial services – I wasn't qualified – even if the people I knew before would show up as a credential I wouldn't give a fuck. Too fucking late. You won't make it either. No secretarial services for 1 day, one week, one month or whatever time you want. Online Services I could have done it a long time ago, hiring 4 to 5 people in my own house. I did the research and I was denied to even make SOME money. For the people who know, call it revenge. For the people who do not know, I am spiteful.


Coleman 100 Watt 12 Volt Crystalline Panel

As seen online Canadian Tire.

  • Ideal for use with RVs, homes, cabins, remote and back-up power use, 12V battery charging and more
  • Panel features high efficiency crystalline solar cells for long lasting use
  • Designed for permanent installation and can be mounted to the roof of a home or cottage
  • Weatherproof with rugged aluminum frame and shatterproof tempered glass for extended outdoor use
  • To be used in tandem with a charge controller to protect the 12 Volt battery from overcharging (not included).
  • Can be used with 011-2008 & 011-1891
  • Built-in blocking diode prevents reverse discharge in battery
  • Maximum power output: 100 watts and 5.8 Amps under ideal conditions

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