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Drakul Blood-Transfusions New Methods Faust

Depending on the type of scan you have, you either swallow a small quantity of radionuclide, or it is injected into a vein in your arm. It then takes some time – sometimes several hours (depending on what is being scanned) – for the radionuclide to travel to the target organ or tissue, and to be 'taken' into the active cells. So, after receiving the radionuclide you may have a wait of a few hours. You may be able to go out and come back to the scanning room later in the day.



Original Blood Group/Type Prior blood transfusions injections of this chemical is used first to identify its type/group

From thereon, a simulated (simili or false for some countries) can be made from it with another group/type.

Blood is blood but properties can be changed. Injections of small quantity of radionuclide into a vein in your arms and legs (cardiologist should be aware that only a certain amount will not interfere with the rhythms of the functions of the heart)

Blood is then analyzed for properties unseen such as malformation of blood globules white and red and so on and so forth

Blood transfusions can then be performed with the patient's own blood since it becomes more and more visible as to where malformation derives from.

Studies reveal that globules have a better chance of analysis through a robot called R2D2 which is not available at the moment pending on orders.

TBA said a CEO of IBM Tech Eng.

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