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WeightLoss is it possible?

Rules of the Thumb:

After Weight Loss, Number of Cells Remain the Same and Retained by Human Memory

Nevertheless, do not get discourage even if the obese individual drops pounds, the same number of cells remain – waiting to be refilled. The objective is to remain focused on a reasonable weight desired.

Once filled and emptied, it is much more challenging to maintain recommended healthy weight. Tricking your memory is permitting plateaux. A plateau is a standstill in every level in weight before tipping the scale at let's say 248 pounds when your ideal weight should be 150 (this adding a leverage of 15% the ideal weight height and proportions)

It took about 17 years for me to reach approximately 250 pounds. Three years ago, I started to shed a few pounds here and there just by incorporating a little physical effort like walking but not in a major way. I knew that I needed to shed at least 60 pounds before I started to exercise and that is walking around three times per week. 

Since 2011, I shed approximately 65 pounds in total. My goal is to shed another 40 pounds and in order to achieve this; I must eat a certain way that I am accustomed to because I know habits do not change overnight or over a course of a few months.

Since I can remember, morning breakfasts were out of the question. I usually had a snack around 2 pm and then had a dinner or supper (depends where you come from) later on that evening. It could be just about anything. For me to remain at a constant weight; I needed to never satisfy my hunger completely. Sometimes, I ate more one evening and ate less the next day. Then I would eat fish (which I like) for the next 2 days. 

Sample menu 

Coffee and cream – 3 cups per morning minimum (no sugar)

Snack/lunch – apple and cheese or dried fruits and cheese or a bowl of cereals and fruit. Rarely eat toast unless with eggs.  Rarely eat bread with pasta. Rarely eat pizza.

Dinner/Supper – Pasta with tomatoe sauce, meatballs or steak/meat (includes liver) with potatoes, greens or fish with greens.

My meals are SIMPLE. 

Once in a while, I have cream sauces made with heavy creams such as Fettuccini Alfredo, Peppercorn Steak, Beef Stroganoff and Sweetbreads with wine sauce.

Personally, I do not believe in spacing out meals or snacks. I create more plateaux. A plateau is when you remain at a certain weight the longest. I accumulated approximately 5 plateaux. Every plateau I faced again in reverse brought  on different pains caused by more space for stomach. 


The stomach is not as large as the photo demonstrates – when gaining weight, the stomach moves upwards because the intestine fill up with foods that need to be expelled from the body. In every plateau of weight gain, the stomach remains at a position that is not where it was once. The intestine get more and more blocked. Excrement gets more mobility to move up again thus permitting intestine (ballooning here and there) 

When I reached a plateau; the sensation of nausea was very much present. I even felt dizzy. Therefore, I do not exercise such as cardio. Walking is fine. Because I gained so much weight, walking and tidying up around the house are extremely difficult exercises for me. I do what I can when I can. I focus more on shedding another 40 pounds instead of focusing on exercises. 

Exercises that will happen for me since I gained mostly above the belly button are crunches and biking. Cardio is for later when I reach a plateau at around 150 pounds. I may shed more pounds with this exercise but I will recreate a plateau.

A plateau is beneficial since it tells you when you ate too much or not enough.  Too much food is immediately felt while not enough food presents itself up to 48 hours later. Headache or nausea and at times both. Hunger pains for me would be when I wouldn't eat at least for 14 days even at 150 pounds plateau. It takes the body a while to shed certain fats – white or brown cells, fat cells are fat cells.  It's the fact.

I am planning to get dressed for this occasion – budget for my new wardrobe is approximately $750. Time will pass anyway. Summer will come and hopefully, I will be ready with my new clothes and new summer.

Best of Luck. 

This is a method that can be addressed only to people who were once reasonably thinner and gained weight for whatever reason considering a way out of their extra thickness.

Step ONE: Identify all the foods not eaten prior gain (if applicable)

I started to realise that something was wrong when I ate chocolate chips cookies straight from the bag. I never ate commercially prepared cookies only what I baked and even then, one or two and a few times per year.

Then I checked how many chocolate bars I ate. Hormonal at play. Then, all of a sudden, a few years later, I started to see that it was an outside force at play. I said, sure, it could happen but it won't control me forever. I ate over 7 chocolate bars in one shot and then no more. Today I pass by the shelves at the store and do not even consider them. So, the outside external suggestion LOST big time. That done. I started to lose weight. The hormonal surges still exist but I do not respond to them anymore. It will give me CANCER and let these forces do what they do best. Silent killers Kennedy Revenge backing them up.

Step TWO: After removing sweets that I never ever overate. I went for IceCream something I rarely ate and discovered that I couldn't believe that I went for garbage and not for IceCream – must be sex and fucking some members of my family as suggested by some psychologist (long distance) I was laughing but who gives a fuck.

I didn't go for chips that much but sometimes it's okay to chips. I found one I like once in a while. Now, no more. Tortillas and Salsa my former husband and I really liked once in a while. I prefer the tortillas with just a drollop of sour cream and sometimes when I had a few moments to appreciate the whole thing, I made cheese sauce and I put the whole thing on a platter and had that with my former husband (after sex) Sex is an appetizer.

What I had as sweets prior weight gain: Cheesecake – pies fruits homemade – icecream vanilla or butterscotch with cognac/brandy/scotch – chocolate pecan pie with icecream and cognac/brandy.

Step THREE: I got busy and ate a lot of what I really like – take out Chicken – pizza and fries – That's in the past. Now, I do it once in a while and I really enjoy it. I started to realise that I'm getting back on track.  Feast or Famine my husband said many times.

I was a heavy smoker. When I went cold turkey, I was shaking trembling but that's all in the past.

Step ONE to THREE IS TO IDENTIFY YOUR NEW FAVOURITE FOODS THAT YOU NEVER ATE BEFORE and remove them – they're your new lovers.

Drugs and alcohol are your lovers – never get rid of them. Find out how much them mean to you before. You will get the withdrawal symptoms but find out what they mean. Then, yes, all of this is hard to do. Losing your lover is not the easiest thing to do. Foods are like drugs and alcohol… your lovers. NEVER drop them cold-turkey if you can't you'll know. You're only friend. They may not be. They have no feelings. You have feelings. I get long-distance want-a-be orgasms that do nothing for me. But it seems to amuse some nice people like the Kennedys (John Kennedy Jr and his cousin Robert Kennedy Jr) sure… see you in court and we all want to hear the disclaimers.