The Gazette, Online, News Stands, Live the difference by Editor In Chief

New Éditeur en Chef and/or Editor In-Chief for Montreal Gazette 2019, August 30. Exclusive Joint Venture with The Gazette and myself, Lisa Di Tomasso & Sons.

How it was by-passed and ignored? I shall not waste my time and little of any effort to figure out how it turned out that NetFlix, Amazon, Apple made it happen. But, I can use a little of my penship to make The Gazette see that the loss can be what will open doors to real publishing, real printing, read ads and now be more advanced than anyother newsprint by thinking and implement – Development(s).

READ the following – just combing the surface in light outlines – Do you own a good company and do some of these outlined points resemble anything that your company is undergoing? This could be for you

Restructuring said the Editor known as troubleshooter and restructurings for businesses in Canada SML Enterprises of long established names.

History states Montreal Gazette started to lose its readership in a gradual way being replaced by social pressure to, at least, be seen online. The Gazette complied.

There is a good luggage of reasons why readership once again turn to other sources from ads to television and less of radio ads.

Since I can remember, radio stations do not meet the same requirements as once, up to 1996 – les manchettes were a topic of conversation and not just the small focal points. What happened here?

What happened is called the Corus or Chorus who bought away a few chains of radio stations. He, these groups, called these new acquisitions – no more talk only music. People like Chorus found a way to bring up sales of reproductions and original sounds on iTunes. Now what happened?

What is going on now at the Gazette first happened to the musicians and their original sounds – ripped and Amazon said – listen free. Write and get .99 package deal for all the books that you want to read. So what happened here?

What really happened every writer including the songwriter jumped on that same bandwagon. Call him Amazon, call him iTunes and call him all the copycats of these two.

Montreal Gazette to improve and update their printing rooms. Encourage their readership to print their websites, their photo albums reflecting National Geographic, photos and text, Exclusives such as all the Health departments of Canada New England by printing their websites and their practice. Build your character like you can build a character(s) in a novel make it – YOU. Your family and your grandchildren, maybe, your non-profit contribution as a volunteer worker?

Sears – Kenmore it as a big showroom. Use every unit of the said shopping center for all the rest of your brands.

What is a common factor here:

When marketing and placing ads – your brand is not alone. Everyone can profit, if not this week, it will be next week.