The Perfect Kingdom of Continent of America-Russia

  emperors XIR155465












Uniform     Hats1




America is ready for an Emperor and his Army and so is Russia. The colours above do not reflect the ones of America. The colours of Blue will feature. The colours above have been used before thus not befitting our new government. Stripes and ribbons are to be announced. 

Black gloves for men and other accessories to be announced by CEO will consort with Designers of choices. The changes are forthcoming and these men have to prove to the CEO that they can perform simple tasks.

The models chosen above were at once prestigious. The models of tomorrow are possibly indispensable and CEO is considering only the best. 

The new Emperor of the Continent of America as well as the new Emperor of Asia have been appointed and they must choose their army pending CEO's approval. Choose well.


CEO, America and Russia

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