To Gutenberg or NOT – end notes

Gutenberg is new. Presentation needs to start with Display of at least 3 layouts. Choose the one to start with – client will look at Wix Style – Catalogue Merchandising Style. 

The arrival of Segments Hardware is slow. Yet, it can still be found in Computer Store for DIY – All it will do is pull out what it needs only a programmer can do, at this given time, Every segment is designed for a purpose while all have an Editor or Editors in every segment, they also have text graph images and etc… It’s the logistics that differ. 

Look up logistics. 

Logistics/distribution manager: job descriptionLogistics managers or distribution managers are responsible for coordinating the memory, transmitter and paths of goods. Logistics managers Desk Management with paths programs software to ensure content is managed in visual text sound images motion for best performance. Performance commands a price and a very high price. The more segmented is the hardware disk drive it is to expect high performance.

Before you read below where I started and ended up here on top – it can only mean, IBM has to ensure that the PRO of all the added pros is there first. I just let go of Gutenberg YT 2 months ago who said that he was on Pro. That there is an Elementor for Gutenberg while the other man said that Gutenberg is not as advanced as Elementor – ZigZag Talk will finally lead you on a straight path as you ZigZag PathWalk. Au naturel. 

Without prejudice. Posts Pages when entering Google Bing SE links url change therefore pages are the only ones registered as a visitor interacting with websites according to Alexa. This year, 2019, I shall paginate content and place them under posts.

Customization means known tools to a design, different designs, uncomparable designs. So far, I want blocks after the content – highlight needs to be bring on the selections of the blocks from drop down menu. Gutenberg is what was only now there are a lot of zig-zags in the construction of just one page when the whole content can be placed minus images where applicable with only highlight. Advanced AutoFormat will then be on or off depending on the layout of the intended post – Modeling Agency will possibly ignore Gutenberg and go for Wix. Catalogue will go for Wix. Whatever is pre-set in layouts is what certain industries will go for.

Since IBM wants to appeal the most with just a few zig-zagging unlike Gutenberg – that even suggests to re-use blocks meaning he’s going out of his way to just put a mark where an easier mark is – Wix.

The idea that comes to my mind cannot be erased – I am losing touch with Fonts and Colours – I did not see a palette of colours yet that meets what I would prefer. Wix is the same, don’t know. Never worked on it. I shall make it a point.

What is new with Gutenberg so far? In just a matter of years, a few years, that is – most people will forget the px 11 10 14 for the font name. If I use a New Times Roman (Who?) I possibly will use px 12. So Gutenberg must introduced to printing in that fashion so people replace past tactics techniques into tomorrow forgotten past. Everyone will write as one, therefore more understood. IBM will not adopt this as a whole but in part Gutenberg does have its place for people who can do a start up of many layouts for a client. It’s a good job and I believe it will be part of a freelancer at some point in time of 2019. It is not complicated – it is like learning a new language… for people who re-use constantly the blocks SAVED for that intent.

Gutenberg is a semi-convertre from visual to editor to visual – blocks – Gutenberg is a form of formatisation and regime – I see that colours have been chosen.

To learn Gutenberg (Iwould fire this guy on yt – ) is to start from all the possible blocks font size fonts colours background to texts. To save them. Where it is saved – Choice of Colours Click is there too. Remove and Add.

How to Create – Column of Document Block Settings – All on one side. What is the top header of all kinds of Arabic Symbols. Everything on the left or the right – yes, make your customer feel that he is in charge – maybe he is left handed and prefers – right side or left side to visualize all the potentials and possibilities with Gutenberg. This zig-zagging will bring Gutenberg to a plateau and not rise in levels of version to find other features more desirable.

Who is Gutenberg intended targets as users of this WP Gutenberg Version Editor in one desk? Maybe that’s not what he is but what I perceiving. OneDeskEditor Gutenberg?

Bugs that were fixed said another on YT. We do not need to look at this. I believe that we started with downloads in this same philosophy. The download may do this or that — at the bottom, Accept Decline.

Ending note: I see that Gutenberg has omitted a few introductory words.

  1. Display of at least 3 layouts.
  2. Type of Industry most suitable for and will adopt it for its high quality of logistics.
  3. Why at least 3 industries can use it from start to finish and for every page and post. 
  4. The number of Editors in its potential or not (pros cons) always. The website may need to add or to remove certain formats acquired by download and not the Version.
  5. Version I.D. vs Gutenberg Preferred
  6. Make 3 videos available for 3 layouts
  7. Get Pro right after.