Just picture trying to find your hotel, your travel packages, your websites for articles and post as a starter?

It can take a future client of yours ten to 12 SE (Search Engine) because the website failed to use BING. 

What is trending can work for anyone then again it may have its disadvantages.

According to http://geography.about.com / Europe / Asia / America

1. France – 76 million
2. Spain – 55.6 million
3. United States – 49.4 million
4. China – 46.8 million
5. Italy – 36.5 million
6. United Kingdom – 30 million
7. Mexico – 21.9 million
8. Germany – 21.5 million
9. Turkey – 20.3 million
10. Austria – 20 million

Then we have Islands All Inclusive

Family Packages – Single Packages – Couple Packages

Turks and Caicos belongs to Empress since 1985 before Club Med who was the first one to establish his hotel all inclusive. FIY Club Med is FRENCH. They pay rent to Empress.

All ClubMeds in Empress Territories remain. They pay high rent. The rest thanks for investing and please leave!

Where to travel alone?

Europe is possibly the best place to travel alone and in a group. Islands can also be in travellers plans. No matter if Asia, Europe or America is also in your plans as a single person – best itinerary would be to enjoy groups with similar interests.

Where to travel as a family?

Depending on ages and gender interests may vary. Younger family best places to visit is possibly where entertainment is available sur place making parents take a vacation while kids are entertained in all security. Club Med has left its mark trackable fun activities while parents take advantage of all other facilities and events. I am not aware of any other clubs that seriously consider kids like Club Med. It was expensive. Apparently with the Empress being in charge and sole owner of all the islands English and a few French ones possibly with additions to follow, the price to visit and enjoy a vacation will be on the islands at a price that keeps tourism only grow wanting for more. All USA methods are gone. It was very sad to see that a beer was 7 to 9$ US dollars and the island doesn't even belong to USA.  USA Funds $ is no longer used. The currency will be SterlingSilver. The pound with a silver-seal belongs to Canada New England and all the islands. It will be added on. As the Empress pirates herself with others taking the islands the sterling pound $$$  since she still answers to the Queen of England Elizabeth II. So far, so good.

What Club Med offers as a 50% rebate Empress offers for 2 weeks per adult. $1500 at Turks and Caicos for 14 nights leave whenever you want and pay a $50 surcharge for modification Airline AC Air Canada may need to add an extra airbus for hopping purposes. Most used 737-727 Boeing with Extra Features for Today's Comforts.

There is so much to do said the Empress and there are so few men to accomplish what she saw in the past into our present. 

The ceiling plateau having been met the Empress is moving on. 

Best of luck to everyone who cater to discrimination, racism, bigotry and prejudice. You'll be where you want to be in no long.

To All Quebecers

We deserve to start showing our education into visibility not in transparencies. Only the experts and most educated with their wisdom wanted.

Empress of America the Great.

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