Reasoning the past events into todays life.

England let go of many territories. Reason first is lack of work in England. Expensive islands and territories.

Queen pressed to act on this situation.

Tomorrow will have to do at a unknown date.

Empress is the person who occupies territories left behind and unattended. She is the first person to be self-proclaimed Sovereign. Thus, crowns herself. She could then become a Queen of a country. Why? Because another King or Queen appointed him/her. That's why. 

Every kingdom started this way? No.

It started with the vikings and they existed. Germany was the first one with Monarchy. Then England and then France followed by Russia.

Now that my readers have an idea let me resume.

When Empress takes over all the territories she does not promise anything she does it. 

She knows who to contact for some work in a contribution where all parties make money for this "said" contract. 

She knows that Atmosphere Values are very important as a matter of fact the priority on her list.

She knows that some of the eras of transport with the future transportation methods just to realise a continuity in lesser is better than greater problems in our atmosphere values.

She wants steamboat ships. Mississipi River Style

She knows that many times some of the deliveries will be overdue because of weather encountered as the ships move along.

Therefore she will send AirCargo

She knows because of this there will 2 islands with the most products refrigerated than others. 

There is so much that needs to be done many will say. She answers not really. Priorities first. The rest is like a domino. All falls into place.

She would have preferred all this started at least 5 years ago.

There was an empechement. She would have preferred he told her in her face. He did not. Therefore she went to other priorities.

For that story which is not a real story you will have to wait.

For the rest of the story, maybe, Stephen King will do the honours. She won't. 


Islands are they really a place of paradise.

Think again.

When a person grows into a unexplainable fatigue not even 70°F is tolerable.

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