What if I were rich and famous?

Fantasies do exist

What if I were the sole owner of McDonalds and Tim Hortons, what next?

Fish & Chips Trio with Molson and Labatt Draft

Fish & Chips Trio with McFruit-Frappé McFrosty-Fruits

I would also be with National Film Board with movie making as a comedy and as of les modes de vie found in our cities, all of Canada.

I would also reserve afternoons or/and late morning for brunching with the writing class – when paying into this membership, food and beverages are included with wi-fi connection and it would be into two set fees.

  1. Monthly x 4 days = $40.
  2. Day = $15.
  3. Per Person + $15 for visitors

Any comments? Feel free to express them in the comment box.